Making It Home: The Laundry Room Edition

So, we should be taking possession of our very own apartment in …*drum roll* .. two years time!

Two whole years. Two whole years is a very long time for impatient me to wait. I might change my mind when the time comes but now, I totally wish that we can get over the building phase and get right into the design and decor phase of making our apartment a home, however frustrating / exhausting I know it will be.

In order to make the wait a little more bearable (or actually, more unbearable in a way), I’ve decided to write a series of posts about the home design and decor ideas I have collected so far (yes, ALREADY). And while I’m at it, I am very willing to learn about any home renovation, design and decor pointers or ideas you may have as well so, a new linky has been born! Do link up if possible, details at the end of this post!

Disclaimer: Before anyone is mistaken, I should just confess that I am a noob, in terms of reading the floor plan and other aspects of home renovation, design and decor. This series will mostly be love-the-look, want-to-haves and thought-that-was-a-good-idea kinda thing. Hopefully, by the time our apartment is completed, I would have already thought through most of the design and decor and be slightly more educated on what to expect and what to look out for.

:) Ok, let’s start!

First thing first, the floor plan and a look at topic of the day, our laundry room.

Cannot see the wordings clearly? Don’t worry! I also cannot! But that’s all I have of the floor plan right now. I’ll look for a clearer picture in the next post, promise!

IF I read the floor plan correctly, I won’t be able to utilise much of the length of the laundry room since they’ll be taken up by the door to the service yard and I can’t block the clothes hanging area. There won’t be a lot of space for me to work with but I plan to make good use of every inch, as much as possible.

Laundry Room Sinks

This idea came to me by chance. One day, when I was having my favorite ramen, I overheard this:

“Neh, this is my laundry room! I don’t pre-wash my clothing in pails, there is the laundry washing sink beside my washing machine and, my mom’s genius idea, a chair with adjustable height and a back for me to sit on when pre-washing. No more backaches!”

Maybe I’m just suagu and maybe it’s a very common to have one in laundry rooms, but I haven’t seen it in any of the homes I have visited so far and I think its a fantastic idea. Not that I do the laundry now (yes, lucky me) but I can imagine the backache if I were to do it a few times a day or, in my mother-in-law’s case, everyday.

With a sink by the washing machine, I’ll be able to pre-wash (if needed) or soak and rinse off easily before throwing it into the washing machine directly. This also means I can easily choose to wash with hot, warm or cold water if we install taps with hot and cold water. Quite a good idea right!

So, I sourced for pictures of laundry room sinks and these are two of my favorites:

Left photo source | Right photo source

Leaning more towards the design on the right right now. First, you can see more “free space” (i.e. the walls and the floors) so the area doesn’t look cramped, next I like the metal pipping and the overall set up has a rustic feeling that fits laundry washing for me. I also think it’s easier to clean the sink because the set up is open and there are not as many hidden places where household pests can rest in, compared to the built-in sink and I think, maybe, I could even work out some space to stow away a high chair with a back by the side of the sink. Something foldable and in a material that can take frequent water splashes would be good.

Washing Machine Pedestal

Unless there are any technological advancements in 2 years time, I should be going for a front load washing machine because, as of now, it is more energy and water saving over top load machines plus, from what I understand, they clean better for reasons related to the gravitational force.

I’ll write an appliance post another day, closer to the completion of our apartment but the whole point of talking about my choice of a front load washing machine is the disadvantage of having one. Even though I am really petite, i’ll still have to bend down in order to put in and retrieve the laundry. Oh. My. Poor. Back.

So I googled for ideas to alleviate that problem and came up with this:

A pedestal to bring the front load door to a comfortable height
Photo source

Quite a simple solution and one that gives us more storage space as well. I like it but can’t help wondering if a custom built pedestal like this will be able to withstand the combined weight of the washing machine and laundry for long.

I also thought about the situation where we buy a new machine years down the road for whatever reason. Should I check out the maximum width of washing machines generally and make the pedestal as wide as we can or am I thinking too much? Or is this a bad idea all together?

Pre-wash Laundry Sorting

Since laundry will have to be sorted, I thought I might as well try and make it look lovely, instead of having mismatched, random colored pails hold them.

Left photo source | Right photo source

I really like the fabric laundry bags because they look like they fit in a laundry room perfectly, and I’d like to try to avoid plastic if I can.

Alas, liking is one thing, being practical is another. I think I’ll have to go for the baskets instead. Firstly, because I probably won’t have space for the laundry bags in my minuscule laundry room and secondly, because they can be used as pre-wash sorters by the type of treatment needed and post wash sorters by owner. They might also be easier to clean.

And, I think, I’ll house the laundry baskets in mobile carts, preferably with wheels that can be locked when stationary (like a stroller!) rather than in fixed shelving. Something like this, but not as huge maybe:

Photo source

A mobile cart won’t take up a fixed space in my laundry room. If I need to, I can move it around to make space. Having a mobile cart also means that I don’t have to make a few trips to and fro to transport clean laundry from the laundry room to the respective rooms.

Not a must have but it’ll be a bonus if I can find a mobile cart with a zip up cover. If you look at my floor plan, you’ll see that I’ll need to pass through the kitchen to get to the rooms after the clothes are cleaned so if anyone’s cooking when I need to move the laundry to the rooms, I can zip it up. Or, haha, maybe it’s not necessary because there’ll only be me cooking and me getting the laundry cleaned?

Another possibility is that I won’t transport laundry from the laundry room to the respective rooms. Maybe we should just, individually, collect cleaned laundry from the laundry room. I quite like the idea because I can use this to teach JoyJoy responsibility.


Without sight of the actual space I have, this one is hard to think about right now. I’d really like the storage to be right beside the washing machine like in the picture on the right so that it’s easy for me to access them without having to bend down. But then again, I already want the sink to be right beside the washing machine, right. I think it is unlikely that I’ll have space to fit the width of the washing machine pedestal, sink and storage drawers all into the breadth of the laundry room.

We’ll see when the apartment is completed. For now, these are some of the possible storage ideas I’m looking at:

Left photo source | Right photo source: Unknown, if this image belongs to you, please let me know.


By the time we move, JoyJoy would be about 3-4 years old. Although she might be able to understand the concept that cleaning solutions = poison by then, I’d still like our cleaning solutions to be out of her reach. Our service yard definately needs a door that can be locked in that case and I’ll go for a sliding door to save space. This will also keep our cleaned laundry clean if anyone’s cooking in the kitchen.

My two favourites are:

Left photo source Door reads “For same day service, do it yourself. Ironing requires a 2 week notice. Not responsible for missing socks.” | Right photo source

I’d prefer a frosted sliding door but major love for the idea of putting wordings on the door. I haven’t decided what wording I’ll like to put on my door but it’ll come to me one day.

And, maybe, a calendar to show who’s on laundry duty, including JoyJoy, with supervision (so effectively, I’m guessing, it’ll be 80-90% me, 20-10% Daddy).

Iron & Ironing Board

I have this need to have related things put in the same room, so for me the ironing board and iron should, ideally, be kept in the laundry room. Better still if the ironing can be done there, reducing the risk of ironing disasters from ironing whilst watching TV and not paying enough attention.

This one looks really good for laundry rooms with space constrains except, I don’t know if we can get it customised like that or how much it’ll cost. I’m also not forgetting that I’m doing away with fixed shelving, so where can we fix such a board to?

Photo source

My backup plan is this. Looks easy to set up and the matching iron and ironing cover idea is also  decorative.

Left photo source, Right photo source

Power Points

If it doesn’t cost too much, I’d like at least two power points in our laundry room. One for the washing machine, one for the iron or whatever else (like charging the phone whilst doing the laundry so that it stays close by #addictedtomyphone). Sure, I can use one of those surge protectors and extension cords but it’s just me, if there is a heavy duty appliance using a power point, I’d like it to have one dedicated powerpoint.

Laundry Room Decoration

Handling the laundry is likely to be my 2nd least favorite household task after dishwashing so we’ve gotta make things more cheerful, right?

I super love these and they look like they can be easily made on our own:

Photo source

Or, alternatively, maybe I could put up JoyJoy’s drawings to cheer myself up? ^.^

Color scheme

I’d like my laundry room to have a calm feeling to help with the mood when I’m handling the laundry. My favorite so far has got to be this:

Photo source

Something about the muted purple calms me down and when paired with white, it even has a clean laundry feeling, which I adore but the difficulty is I’d prefer tiles for the laundry room, will I be able to find tiles in this exact shade of purple?


If I remember correctly, our new place should already come with flooring but, if budget permits, I’ll like to have ceramic tiles that look like wood so that it can fit into the flooring color scheme for the rest of the home, something like this:

Photo source

Somehow, wood flooring make me feel more down to earth and homely. If possible, this flooring for all the toilets, the kitchen and maybe also the store room. Can you think of any cons of having this flooring?

That’s all the ideas I’ve got for my laundry room for now. I’ll be adding more to my Pinterest board for our laundry room as and when I come across them. If you’re interested, you could follow my board!


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15 Replies to “Making It Home: The Laundry Room Edition”

  1. Ceramic tiles that look like wood! How cute! Really pretty photos :) Our laundry motto is simply “No more clean clothes? 1) check the sofa or 2) make a wash” :D

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      LOL your laundry motto sounds so familiar hahaha

  2. Nice ideas! We will be looking for a house in a few years time but I’m also preparing for it in my mind so that by the time I sit down with the contractor I know EXACTLY what I want haha

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      Wahaha exactly my thoughts! Good luck to us!

  3. You have definitely researched intensely! LOL.. the service yard is actually, really quite tiny. at least my house is, so there isn’t really much space for a lot. Love some of your ideas tho! my kitchen sink is just beside the washer so i think that’s gonna be the sink to do any washing. there is only one water point in the service yard and that usually goes to the washer. If you need, have to put in pipes to get the water point to the other side! Dunno if you get what i’m trying to say. LOL. Nice! and i’m madly trying to rush out a post tody!

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      Ya lo, I also think the service yard will be really really tiny thats why I thought long and hard about how to make the best use of it. I thik I kinda get it about the water point! Thanks!

  4. woah! You had great research done!! :) Let me gather some pictures to come up with something to join your linky. possibly next month!! :)

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      I really can’t wait! :)

  5. <3 the wooden tiles look. Def gonna use them in our new place too! :) I never really thought much about the laundry area, thanks for such creative tips. Will have to look into space saving and beautiful options like your ideas

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      hehehe experienced home owners told me that dark tiles make it difficult to find things! It’s true, I have personal experience of that but I think for bathroom and laundry rooms, I’ll be looking for things like brightly coloured pegs or contact lens. As of now, still looking at wooden tiles haha =D

      Do show how your new place looks when it’s done! I love looking at homes!

  6. Wow… I am impressed by the amount of research u did – on just the laundry room? Look forward to reading more.

    In our rented apartment in Sydney, we have a sink in the laundry room. It IS so useful! We stack the dryer on top of the washer though, and in that itty bit little space, that is all the room we have inside. Haha!

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      Hahaha it’s because new homes nowadays are really, really tiny. I only get one chance at making it work, thats why I think so much hahah it’s a good thing I’m starting early.

      I’m mulling over whether we should get a dryer.. KIV for now but that’s a neat idea to save space!

  7. Front loaders are the way to go! I remember getting a top loader and there was sooooo much water!

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      yup, we used to have a top loader too. what a waste of water!

  8. wow excellent job well done you put a great effort.

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