M.I.C.E Christmas Giveaway 2014 | It’s time to say thank you.

In the last year, I have lived more, especially in the last few months. I adjusted our sleeping time, we adapted to a new set of weekday routine (which now looks set to change again!) and I got to spend the time needed to work out our dream home. I made time to eat and drink and I made effort to look good but most importantly, I got to watch Joy grow up.

I’ve became less greedy and more honest. Blogging is not about what you can get out of it in such terms. Giveaways, like the MICE Christmas Giveaway can be a nightmare to run but we agreed to run it again this year to thank everybody for your support.

I bet you remember, last year we gave away things like branded bags, comestics and a lot of quality products for children and mothers. This year, there will be gifts of significant value as well but I think we’re not seeking to surpass ourselves in terms of that, but perhaps in other ways. It’s meant to be a surprise, so I won’t say more. If you’re curious, join us on Instagram or visit our Facebook page to be updated.

The first giveaway is starting on Mabel’s blog now (see below for link) and my first giveaway will start on 7 December 2014, do remember to check my social media platforms for details!

M – Mabel

AmazinglyStill.com | Amazingly Still Facebook Page@msmabes (Instagram)

I – Irene

SingaporeMomBlogs.com | Singapore Mom Blogs Facebook Page | @smomblogs (Instagram)

C – Cherie

CherieLadie.com | CherieLadie Facebook Page | @cherieladie (Instagram)

E – Estella (That’s me!)

She was so happy. #joyis3

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