I love you back.

“I love you” she said quietly, looking straight at me with a sweet smile on her face.

It was bedtime. We were on the great big bed and giggling at I can’t remember what. She was at the part of the bed closer to the door, pronged but about to get up to come to me. I didn’t get a photo of course, this one here was taken after I realised I should, a little while after it happened.

23 September 2013.
You said you love me 22 months and 2 days after you came into my life.

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2 Replies to “I love you back.”

  1. Awww…must have been a very magical moment to hear her say those words!

    Visiting for WW. :)

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      It was touching. :)

      Thank you for coming by!

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