Little Things About Joy: The way she takes care of me

When they hear that I stay home for Joy, most people comment that Joy is such a lucky child. What they don’t know is the many ways in which she has taken care of me.

Taken sometime in February 2013, she was about 14 months old.

Whenever I cry in pain (or I “cry”), Joy would run from wherever she is and drop whatever she is doing to run to me and give me a long tight hug. She does it all the time, since she was really young and she only drops everything to comfort me and me alone. Recently, whether there are tears or not, she’s started to wipe my eyes with her thumbs from each hand and say “不哭,不哭” (“Don’t cry”, “Don’t cry”). Sometimes, it makes me cry.

Recently, when my macbook dropped on my head in a freak accident.

When she grew older and could be trusted with balms under supervision, whenever I am hurt, she would ask to fetch and to apply balms for me (we always wash her hands well after that).

I’ve been sick the past few days. She’s not allowed to hold medicines at all but she reminds me to take them, drink a lot of water and asks to feed me my lozenges.

I don’t know how not to sound proud in this post, because I am.

So proud of her.

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Little Things About Joy is a series of little stuffs about the little girl which are a big deal to me. If you liked this post, do connect with me on your preferred platform, keep in touch!

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2 Replies to “Little Things About Joy: The way she takes care of me”

  1. Aww Joy Joy is such a sweetheart. And her actions reflection of how you are bringing her up. Happy for you :)

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      Haha this is such a proud mama post, thank you for being so sweet!

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