Little things about Joy : When she agrees with you

I have the habit of asking Joy if she agrees with what I’ve just said, mostly our plans for the next few seconds or what she gets to eat, and the way she responses when she is in agreement always gets to me.

Most of the time she says “Okay Okay” quickly and under her breath, like it’s a pact between us. It reminds me of childhood days at the playground. In those days, when a playground discussion is concluded and everyone agrees, we go “Okay Okay”.

Other times, she says a simple “好, 好”, in a resolute manner and then looks at me with innocent eyes, waiting for wherever we’ve agreed on to happen.

More recently, Joy started to say “Hmm Hmm” when she is agreement, in a grown up manner. I think she might be imitating someone just that I’m not sure who!

Just when I was thinking, “I really should try and video it down somehow”, I accidentally chose video mode on my phone and managed to get this:

It’s uber cute to me! #biasmom

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