Joy with the big heart

I was on my feet, standing on heels all day long and so by the end of the day, when i finally had time with the little girl, my feet were red at the sides, the paint on my nails chipped. I couldn’t straighten one of my toe and was hurting badly from cramps.

The cramps struck again when I was about to walk back from our dressing table to where the little girl was playing on her own in bed. She looked up when I cried “ouch” in pain.

I hobbled over to where she was, just in case she decided to slide down from the bed on her own. (Daddy tried to teach her a safe way of coming down but she sometimes just wants to come down in any way possible) and when I was somewhere near the bed, she beckoned me to go closer with her tiny hands. Curious, I moved a little faster towards her and she flapped her two tiny hands faster to ask me to go faster.

When I finally reached her, the little girl stood up. “She wants to come down from bed” I thought.

But she didn’t. She pulled me by my neck towards her and hugged me real tight. And then she patted me on my back.

I’m not ashamed to say that I took advantage of the situation and let out a few more “ouch” although, by then, the warm feeling in my heart had overridden the feeling of pain.

The little girl let me go, saw that I was still “hurting” and she hugged and patted me again and again and again.

When I got into the bed with her, she hit my hurting foot with her tiny hands hard and frowned at it.

I still remember that incredible feeling of love that surged within me and that sense of pride at my little girl’s big heart. I miss her already, just typing this.

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