The last minute nanny on having more children

Two weekends ago, we were in Malacca to celebrate the marriage of two of our close friends. Due to delays on the road, we arrived 3 hours later than intended and upon arrival, the hubs insisted that I go for a nail session with our friends.

What about the little girl?” I asked

I’ll take care of her” he said.

You sure, need to cook for her you know?

“Ya la, I will, just go!” (And then under his breathe he said “at most I’ll give her junk food” *roll eyes*)

Our friends asked if he could take care of their kids as well and he agreed without hesitation. Before I step out of the door of our rented bungalow in Malacca, I saw that he had a mini childcare centre up and running.

In the car, our friends and I started to get a little worried for the hubs. I mean, four kids in total, 2 familiar with the hubs and the other two meeting him for the first time. How would they take to him? How would he be able to manage 4 and cook at the same time? I had trust in his love for children and happy go lucky nature but 4 : 1 for a father of 1 who finds it tiring taking care of 1? Hmmm…

I was away for 3-4 hours and we met up for dinner at the bride’s home in the evening. The first question I ask him?

So, do you want more children in future?” (our friends wanted to know too!)

His answer?

Yes! If I have enough money to raise them all!

I’m impressed.

He said he had his hands full running after the two little ones, making sure that they were safe, the two elder ones were moderately well behaved and that helped a little. He had no time to cook and so he gave them all whatever tibits / snacks I had packed for Joy. The two other little girl’s mom left some chocolates for them as well, which he gave to all but Joy not for healthy eating reasons but because there was not enough to go around. He said he was really sad when Joy looked on as the other kids enjoyed the chocolate but he felt he did the right thing. I think so too, so proud of him! *lifts head proudly*

And what was the highlight of the childcare session?
Attention requirements of the two littlest ones.

I think he got one of the older kids to take this photo!

The hubs showed me these photos he took of the children on the steps and I was so tickled, especially at how Joy and Eva were looking at each other. From the looks of it, the hubs did a great job at keeping the kids entertained and himself as well.

Next time anyone needs last minute childcare services, you know who to look for! Haha!

Disclosure: W Childcare Centre is not open 24/7. The hubs travel often, I don’t think i’m up to it yet. :P


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