Joy sings at a KTV

It almost didn’t happen. I was out for brunch with some of my oldest friends, the hubs and Joy to celebrate my birthday this year. The original plan was brunch + KTV but we talked too much and brunch took a long time. I could feel that Joy needed a nap soon after that and anyway, everywhere seemed to be booked (we forgot to prebook) or too expensive.

We were discussing what to do next in the car when Joy asked enthusiastically “我们去唱歌好不好!!!” (“Shall we go sing!!!”). I didn’t type question marks because she wasn’t really asking a question. She was so serious about it that we went ahead to look for any KTV that would take us.

The moment she got seated she grabbed a mic and looked uber excited (LOL).

She did the sit-in-a-corner emo singing

Stand up emo singing

My turn is my concert so you should clap thing..

The my mummy is singing and I’m her biggest fan thing ♥

And also the compulsive titbit munching thing (shoving any spicy ones into my mouth)…

Although we break into singing anywhere, anytime, I worried a little if she would be able to catch up on the songs and if she might be bored stuck in a TV room for 4 hours. But no. Turns out, she was like fish in water, singing to the tune based on her memory of the songs. In fact, she was super upset when we had to leave and she didn’t get to sing the last song (I did ✌️).

It makes me go all fuzzy inside to remember how she sang this special song I often sing to her during bedtime. Complete with actions that include hugging me tight. I didn’t record it because I was singing it along with her. ♥

Just to remember how her voice sounds like when she’s as little as she is now, I took some videos. Some of them are hilarious and super adorable (I’m bias but I’m entitled to be) because she was nodding her head and very focused on singing. Want to hear her sing? ☺

I’ve been either busy, tired or sick recently, to the extent that I’ve missed recording her firsts and other little things about her. I’m quite sad about it but I’m glad that I made it a point to write this one. ✌ (more here and here, if you’d like to read)

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