Joy’s Play-Doh Childhood

Imagine waking up one morning to a huge Play-Doh surprise. That’s what happened to Joy. Joy who wanted Play-Doh for the longest time but has never gotten her wish.

Hasbro made her a very, very happy child that morning. No school for the day, plenty of time to play.

The children (Joy’s cousin came over) made me very busy that morning. They wouldn’t let me leave with the Play-Doh sets to take proper photos. We compromised and promised to (try and) co-exist peacefully while I take photographs of one set to remember how they looked like, before the children set their hands on it.

Once I was done, little hands started making things. An injured hand didn’t prevent Joy’s cousin from creating – Play-Doh is soft enough.

The children laughed and could barely contain their joy when they discovered what different tools in the set could do. I didn’t know too, that this “noodle maker” can make different types of “noodles”.

Not surprisingly. There are so many possibilities. Every part of the set seem to have a mould imprint to work on – even the undersides of the cupcake containers.

It is quite impossible to stop Joy from mixing colors, we might as well work with them.

I stayed for lunch that day. We had strawberry slurpee, waffle popcorn, candy cake, sprinkle porridge, seafood pancake, dinosaur noodles (!!) and assorted biscuits and candies. The possibilities are endless.

Now, I’m going to share how you can get a year’s supply of Play-Doh products here. Just have fun creating with Play-Doh and follow the instructions below! Good Luck!

Disclosure: Joy was gifted with the Play-Doh sets by Hasbro. No other compensation was received. All experiences and opinions are our own.

P.S. See more of our creations on the Joy’s Play-Doh Childhood photo album on our Facebook Page.

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