Joy the scaredy cat

JoyJoy is usually very happy to stop what she is doing and get dressed to go out but one day, she decided that she would not go anywhere without her little bolster and she would not get dressed.

I would like the little girl to look presentable most of the time but once in a while, unless there is a specific or more appropriate dress code, Daddy and I do not mind her going out in more comfortable clothing. But the bolster? No-no.

Of course, the little girl resisted.

“不要!不要!不要!” (“No! No! No!”) said she as she shook her head vigorously, hugged her beloved tightly and ran away from us. She had a mind of her own and she seemed to be confident that she would get her way.

As I took my time to think about the best way to remove JoyJoy’s bolster whilst checking the bags to see if I missed out anything, JoyJoy and her beloved did many things together.

They examined the door …

Tried to figure out how to unlatch the gate …

And when the floor grew dusty from waiting too long for mummy, the beloved became a vacuum cleaner, complete with sound effect…

They played and they played.. until they saw the door stopper, an irresistible object available for play right in front of her.

Mummy was done with the packing and Mummy was walking towards her but Mummy was not there yet.

So she removed it.

And the door started to close on her.










She threw her beloved on the floor and ran all the way to the other end of the apartment for dear life.

The sight that left us hugging our tummies in laughter

Daddy and I looked at her beloved on the floor and then looked at each other and then her beloved on the floor before bursting out into mad laughter at the same time.

I had the luxury of taking some time to capture a photo of the little bolster abandoned on the floor because she was cowering at other end of the apartment, clutching the door stopper tightly.

When she finally got over it, she walked nonchalantly down the living room, as if nothing had happened.

Now that the danger is over….

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