Joy Joy’s birth story (Part 1)

I had a traumatic delivery. More than 23 hours without any kind of pain relief because the gas equipment was spoiled and I didn’t know until, by luck, I had to change delivery ward and the one there was working.

I needed to be on drip but one nurse and one doctor failed to get the needle in my vein and I was poked 4 times in total, the only successful time being the fourth. After which tubes of my blood had to be drawn immediately for the cord blood donation and some tests they the doctor on duty had to do.

On top of that, I need to be pricked every 4 hours to monitor my blood sugar.

And then another 21 hours of pain and suffering out which about 8-10 hours was relieved by thigh injection (meaning i could finally sleep after more than a day) escalated to a last 4-5 hours of pure pure pain and suffering. Induced by 2 different types of medication, 3 epidural injections because the first and second ones were not working, dosage of another type of pain relief because which was increased thrice over the course of about 1-2 hours (I had neck pain by the 2nd dose and it was potentially life threatening) and an emergency c-section during which I could not opt for full body pain relief because it would endanger Joy Joy and my life. The 3rd epidural was a risk as well.

One of the nurses didn’t believe that my water had broken. It was only confirmed 7hours later by a doctor. 7 hours of possible infection to JoyJoy.

By the end of 44 hours, the doctors said we cant wait anymore, i need to have a c-seection.

Daddy had a bad toothache throughout my 44hours of labour. And he had to bear with it whilst taking care of me. We had help from bear bear to bring ration (food and necessities) to the delivery ward for Daddy.

When I heard that we need to do an emergency c-section and was told of the higher risks we could encounter because I had a history of asthma etc. I cried out loud. All the frustrations, all the pain, everything I tolerated until that moment, my escalated fear of pain by that time, my worries for Joy Joy’s safety and my own life, Daddy’s suffering with his bad toothache and long hours without sleep. It was overwhelming. At least for me.

In the OT, I was put on a bed with my arms spread out in a T-shaped and a tent set up in front after my 3rd epidural which was quick, swift and professional. I was shivering to the extent that my body was beating against the bed and I had breathing difficulties. I was extremely intoxicated with medication and I could feel them cutting me, tugging and pulling.

When Joy Joy was out, they put her face by my face. I turned to call her name and wanted to kiss her. She turned her head at the same time and pouted. So happened, we kissed each other. They put her cheeks by mine for a while and I could feel her softness. It was the best feeling ever.They asked me if they could now bring her to Daddy. I said yes. I know Daddy would love to see his daughter.

I could feel them stitching me up without the pain. They took a long long long time.

When they were done, I was first sent to a recovery room where they monitor me then transferred to a post ops ward. When I was being transferred I heard them saying that they would call Daddy. Then another nurse said that there is a guy waiting outside, maybe he is my husband.

I was glad to see him when they wheeled me out. He told
me that Joy Joy was very cute and that he took pictures and videos. I asked him if Joy Joy was healthy and said I wanted to see the pictures and videos right away but he asked me to rest first, he would send them to my phone.

The whole time we were talking whilst I was being transferred to the post ops ward and Daddy was following us. He went with me to the ward and sent me photos and videos then told me he would wait till they transferred me to my ordinary ward so that he could settle me down before he leaves and he did.

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  1. Hi estella!

    You are really brave to go through this entire delivery! Where did you deliver JoyJoy n who is your gynae?

  2. Hi Limin! Congrats! Happy for you!

    I delivered Joy Joy at KKH, dont have a fixed Gynae coz I went under the subsidized class. Not recommended at all, long story I will write about it.

    KKH is good for their facilities and some programs, if you want to benefit from it, choose a doctor from their private class. I read that Dr Han is good, can’t remember his full name. The doctor who did my csection is also very good, I can find out his name if you want

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