Joy takes off her shoes!

This photo was taken on 3 May 2013. It was just part of my random rambling to her when I asked her to sit down on the floor and take off her shoes. I was surprised when she did just that.

This photo is a reminder that my little girl is growing up faster than I can register it in my mind. It made me proud but at the same time, a little panicky. A selfish part of me wants her to please, stay little. So that you’ll still need me.

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  1. i will never forget the day blake showed me that he is able to remove his shoes on his own too!! i managed to get him to do a repeat and video it. hehehe :P

    thanks for linking up!

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      I was quite emo when I saw that she could take off her shoes. Dunno if I will brawl my eyes out when she can put them on herself. hahah first time mother emotions.

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