How to extract lemon juice without a lemon juicer – no seeds to deal with!

I like to have lemon juice every morning shortly after I wake up but it’s a hassle getting the juice out of the lemon. I thought of pre-juicing my lemons and storing it in a glass container, but pre-squeezed lemon juice loses its nutrition very quickly so that’s not the most ideal solution.

I googled for any life hacks or alternatives for juicing lemon, preferably one which does not need a specialised tool / too much work ( = will never do) and I stumbled on the easiest way to squeeze lemon without seeds. The rest is history.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1 (Optional) – Find a narrow neck cup
You don’t absolutely need a narrow neck cup but I do because its just cleaner (to catch any juice which may flow out) and more effortless (the cup holds the lemon in place and it doesn’t roll around). I used a narrow neck cup belonging to Joy.

Step 2 – Roll your lemon on the table
This is supposed to help break down the pulp in your lemon and make it easier to juice.

Step 3 – Stab your lemon with a fork
Self explanatory. Focus on making holes all around one end of the lemon and take note that lemon juice might be oozing out from the holes what have already been made. Random: Very much reminds me of the time I made Sio Bak.

Step 4: Squeeze your lemon
You don’t really need a lot of strength and the juice comes streaming down with little to no mess other than on your hand. No seeds or fibre to deal with either. After you have enough of lemon juice, wrap your lemon in cling wrap and put it back in the fridge.

Its like lemon juice on the tap! So simple and so effective, I cannot keep it to myself.

How do you juice your lemon?

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  1. Wow, how come we’ve never thought of poking them!? Haha, thanks for sharing! The hubs would find it very handy :P
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    1. Don’t say, I also have never thought of it. I love google! haha

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