Hosting and celebrating Love 97.2FM DJ Violet Fenying’s Birthday Party

I was invited to DJ Violet Fenying’s Birthday Party together with my friends – Mabel, Irene, Cherie of the M.I.C.E. What’s more? By a stroke of luck, I got to host the party together with Irene! Well I never and, I really didn’t know what to expect.

Sakura International Buffet Restaurant at Yio Chu Kang Stadium was closed to public for Fenying’s party and it was parked to the brim when the party was in progress, so much so we had to gently suggest table sharing when more guests started pouring in. How’s that for a turnout!

Fenying has the support of many awesome sponsors and because of that each attendee received a goodie bag that is worth more than $400 (what’s in the goodie bag).

Can you spot the M.I.C.E logo too? hehe
Fenying with sponsored prizes for the day! 1st price was a health pendent from Owell worth $688!

Part of our “job” was to understand more about Sakura’s food from the Chief. If you know me, when I see food it’s hard for me to contain myself. Irene did a super good job at introducing each item with the Chief as we go along.

I didn’t eat everything because I was nursing a sore throat (I lost my voice right after the event!), I’ll let you in on what’s good amongst those I did try:

Amaebi with mayo and tobiko
Fried salmon skin! Very crispy and not too salty. Must try if you’re dining at Sakura!
Alaska Crab Legs. Sweeeeet like anything.

Very shortly after we completed the food trail (haha), Fenying arrived stylishly driven by a luxury car!

This little girl has the same birthday as Fenying and she presented a bouquet of Hello Kitty to her. Uber cute!

While Fenying took her lunch, sitting amongst her fan club family, Irene and I hosted a series of games. I was amazed with the warmth and responsiveness of DJ Fenying’s fans. They were a great crowd to work and we had a lot of fun interacting with them.

Totally enjoyed hosting with Irene
We played charades! Heres Irene informing a fan of the word to act out.
L: After I told her the word to act out. Can you guess what it was?
Can you tell how engrossed everyone was? haha!
I super love these two photos. Cherie and Irene were both acting out a word after being sabo-ed by… #iminnocentreally

Everyone was in high spirits by the time we got to the cake celebration!

By the end of the celebration, I was a little in awe of Fenying. I mean, (I imagine that) she reaches out to everyone through airwaves and sees them at event and celebrations like this which lasts but for a few hours but her ability to remember them by names and be so chummy with each is amazing. Her hosting is something I admire too, especially how she manages situations and greets everyone with an easy smile.

Happy Birthday to you Fenying, thanks for having us!

Full Disclosure: We were invited to this event by AT Marketing Consultancy and received a small fee for transport as well as complimentary dining. No further compensation were given, and all opinions are my own. All images without watermark are official event photographs taken by Episode Photography and Fenying Family Fan Club.


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