We’ve been to the children’s A&E 2 times now in the 12 days we’ve had Joy Joy. I know the procedure inside out.

First time on 27 November 2011 for what we thought was an infected belly button and Second time yesterday for painful reflux that kept Joy Joy awake, needing to feed all night to soothe her pain.

Her belly button is fine, so says the house officer who didn’t recognize “runny stools” as a description for stools because, “there is no such description”. I wish i still have a photo of the pus filled belly button but it really seemed to clear up shortly after, just that now we see dried blood. The test of whether to see a doctor, according to the doctor, is whether there is any redness around the belly button. There wasn’t and still isn’t. But I’m observing it everyday.

The doctor we met yesterday was better. Although we didn’t get to know the causes for Joy Joy’s reflux (I suppose there are many possible reasons), the tips she gave us on feeding, sleeping burping helped Joy Joy tremendously (I don’t want to jinx it but she’s been sleeping well and eating well). Daddy says its the best $90 he’s spent.I think it really helps that she’s a mummy with a baby who has reflux too, many of the tips I got from her are practices in caring for a baby with reflux.

Both times, we had Joy Joy’s jaundice checked. First time without me nursing Joy Joy and she screamed her lungs out. 2nd time I nursed her and she only moved slightly when the nurse poke her. Jaundice level is going down but still above 100, so we gotta do it again next week.

Motherhood made me read and read and read alot when I am nursing Joy Joy. The reflux is probably coz I had chocolate (alot of it) and garlic. So I’m staying off 2 favourite food of mine until Joy Joy is older. Baby at ease is worth more than the short lived pleasure i get from these foods.

I hope not to get too acquainted with the A&E department. My heart breaks whenever Joy Joy is unwell.

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