Hello, this is Estella.


I was raised by my mother in a very poor family. I hardly saw my father, who was working hard for the money we needed. Sometimes we might not have enough money to see a doctor. Fast-food was a luxury but once in a while, we got to choose what we would like to have from our favourite hawker centre. Now, whenever I eat at that hawker centre, it takes me right back.

My mother gave all her children clear boundaries and set clear expectations. I was always pushing my elder sister to challenge them, so that they would be broken ahead of my time. I was a very difficult child who never gave up fighting for what I wanted.

Growing Up

I have failed major exams, quit my self-paid degree programme, and made some bad, bad decisions. I have also learnt to thrive while working for tough bosses in unfamiliar specialities and persevered through years of vocal training. I have been privileged all my life.

What I do now

I work from home, and I have every freedom to be around for Joy when I need to. I quit my job twice to take care of her and each time I put in the resignation letter, I felt waves of relief coming over me.

I write on this blog about all the topics that I feel like writing about. Blogging makes me think a lot about who I really am and helps me understand myself.

I set up my own company in 2015 at the age of 34. I sell hand made mineral make up and make up brushes on ESOD. Each product on the store is hand made and I created some of the colors myself. It is a total career change and I had a lot to learn, but my childhood belief has never failed me – If you want to learn something bad enough, you can. Its not too late to start.

I sing and host with my band. We name ourselves Live, Oh Life! . I love the band name because music is inspired by life and we’re doing that live! I don’t get to gig much these days but I get plenty of practice, singing for Joy. The bandmates are some of my closest friends, we chat everyday since 2012.

My Self

I am very low maintenance. I go for a hair color and cut every few months and style my own hair when I need to. I use just 3 skincare products every night and make most of my make up myself. I do not dress up everyday and I am comfortable when I don’t. I like simple but interesting clothing. I like myself.

My Family

I refer to my hubby as “the hubs” on this site. He is a gentle giant with a big heart. I have only ever written one post on our relationship (here) and I won’t be writing much, because he prefers to be private.

Our daughter, Joy will turn five this year. We made the decision against abortion for a high risk of Down Syndrome and are forever grateful to the doctor who helped us with the decision. I spent 44 hours giving birth to a healthy baby.

Joy has been breastfed since birth (breastfeeding experiences here). We’re still nursing and we turn five together in November 2015.

Joy Collarge

Joy is no longer a baby and she will tell you that too. She is super sweet, funny and opinionated. Joy enjoys independence and she started young. She can cook and take care of herself. Joy goes to an awesome preschool in the day (Read: Preschool Stories) while I work. I get to send her to school and pick her up every single day. I am so in love.

Please feel free to email me anytime at hello@estella.sg, or find me on DayreInstagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.