My hair secrets | What’s yours?

I’ve been suffering from flat hair for a while now, especially since mine has grown quite long. To achieve some kind of sustainable volume, I’d need careful flat iron curling, dry shampoo at specific portions of my hair, super strong hold hair spray and about an hour.

Which is why, I’ve been sending friends photos of short or medium length cuts in my group chats, asking for opinions. But, before I go ahead and get a drastic cut, I thought I should work on my shampoo first.

I tried Giovanni’s Root 66 Max Volume shampoo (cheaper from iherb) and I’m liking it a lot because it lathers very well (Joy loves to put it on for me because of that), leaves me feeling like my hair is clean, doesn’t give me an itchy scalp and it works – noticeably more volume! It feels like my scalp is much less oily now, so hair is less oily and hence more voluminous without me doing much.


By accident, I’ve also found my favorite hair conditioner. It’s this one from Earthdept, a brand I had never heard of 3 days ago.


The first time I put it on, my long hair was a real tangled mess because Joy put water on it and took the chance to play with it while I was shampoo-ing her. Her hair is always very tangled after I’m done shampooing because she has these gorgeous but difficult to manage natural curls that act up once they’re wet. I was out of conditioner but I remembered this one I got in my goodie bag from a GlitterGlam event. I read the label and it says no SLS, no parabens, no colorants, soap free and no animal testing – everything I like in my products. So both Joy and I used it. Its amazing! I knew it was different the first time we tried it because literally seconds after I put it on, my fingers could run through both our hair with no problem at all. After drying, there was none of the weight on the hair you get from potent conditioners and, the shine it gave our hair is phenomenal.

I’ve never seen my bleached ends this silky smooth, soft and shiny before. #nofilter

I’m on the fence about the scent because it smells like almonds, something I associate with coughs but Joy hardly noticed it. It costs 9USD for 250ml, a little expensive for me because I have such long hair but it’s so much cheaper than more branded ones (which contains chemicals I don’t like) in the market and a lot cheaper than most other natural products I know of which actually works.

My last secret is flipping my hair up when I sleep. My bare neck touches the pillow when sleeping because all my hair are pushed up and away. I habitually run my fingers through hair at the top part of my head to remove any hair trapped there when I’m in this position, so that I don’t wake with hair flattened from sleeping on them.

So these are my hair secrets, what’s yours? Should I chop off my hair?

p.s some make up secrets, an unconventional DIY beauty treatment and my favourite makeup removal products.

UPDATE (25 November 2014): While the Earthdept Wilderness Shine Conditioner is really my favourite conditioner of all times, I later found that shipping of items from Earthdept really leaves much to be desired. Shipping time is terribly long (I ordered on 23 October and received on 12 November) while one of my friend had her item purportedly delivered unsuccessfully but had no news of delivery at all for weeks, to make matters worse, the Earthdept website was down in that duration. So, buy only if you can wait or take suspense, you’ve been warned! :)

Disclosure: I received the Earthdept Wilderness Shine Conditioner in a blogger’s goodie bag but there was no obligation to write about it.

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