Getting Joy to rinse her mouth

The other day, I received an email asking me how I got Joy to rinse her mouth after brushing her teeth. I feel like I’m getting the reputation of being a mom who tricks Joy into doing things but OK! I can show you!

I thought a pictorial answer would be most explanatory.

She actually kinda likes rinsing her mouth and she always goes “Ammmmm PUI!!” with a vengeance. The cake pop container only makes it more motivating. Hehe hope this helps!


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2 Replies to “Getting Joy to rinse her mouth”

  1. My jerry loves to rinse his mouth too! I got him a nice little cup in our new place that he calls his own, but I started with a colorful big plastic mug (those that people use in the army in the past!)
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  2. Hehe I think to them it’s like water play, was so easy for me to get Joy to start but to teach her to gargle took a while. I made exaggerated actions to show her and she laughed at me -_-”’
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