Love at first gig

I’ve always believed that even if one has become a mother, your life as an individual must go on in one way or another. Maybe you get to do what you enjoy doing less (but I assure you there’ll be new things to enjoy with motherhood) but you still find time to somehow do it.

For me, it’s singing.

Before you are mistaken, I’d say I’m not superbly good at it. Before my years of vocal training, you could hardly hear me singing even when I was. After vocal training, better but I have my flaws. Despite my flaws, I have been really lucky to get to do gigs and learn as I go along. Along the way, I’ve also picked up hosting.

Sometime in June this year, an old friend of mine suddenly had an opportunity to perform. He decided he’ll gather some friends together, who were complete strangers before that, and have some of those sing-for-the-pleasure-of-it type of gig, just to relive happy times in the past.

It was love at first gig so, he accidentally set up a band.

This is our practice base, a home studio belonging to our guitarist, Melvin:

Panoramic photo taken by our vocalist / keyboardist Yongshun (the one with the fading arm in the photo).

And this is all of us:

Selfie I took at our last gig. Jonathan couldn’t join us but no worries, Yongshun’s photo editing skills rocks!
Top L to R: Jonathan (vocalist), Melvin (guitarist), Wenrong (Multipurpose man: guitarist / keyboardist / percussionist / harmonising vocalist )
Bottom L to R : Yong Shun (vocalist / keyboardist) , Myself (vocalist / host), XinYing (vocalist / host)

So now, you’ve met the “bandmates”!

I’ll write more about us and the singing, soon.

You can also find me here:



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