Fitting for Skechers GOrun Ride 3 : All ready for Me & Mini Me 1.8km Fun Run, Shape Run 2014

Joy and I will be participating in the Me & Mini Me 1.8km Fun Run for this year’s Shape Run, thanks to Skechers. To help me in the run, Skechers had intended to gift us with their latest GORun Ride 3 running shoes, which comes in children’s sizes as well, so that we could be comfortable and matchy matchy during the run.

I’d be honest, I have never associated Skechers with running shoes and would not have thought to look into what they carried, if I were looking for a pair, but how wrong was I. After receiving Skechers’ invite, I read through a number of reviews online on the shoes and to my surprise, whether they were sponsored reviews or not, the general opinion by novices and professionals alike seemed to be that they facilitate efficient running and are value for money. In fact, GORun Ride 3 has been awarded “Best Buy” by Runner’s World magazine. I can’t normally resist good looking shoes of any kind, after reading the reviews, I was psyched to try them out!

Meet Skechers’ range of performance running shoes. GoRun Ride 3 is actually baby no. 3 in the GoRun Ride series of running shoes.

GoRun Ride 3 comes in three colours. I thought of picking the florescent pink pair initially but when I saw the grey pair, I was sold because it’s super versatile (in terms of looks).

Its a real pity that the smallest size children’s GoRun Ride 3 runners is in size 11 and Joy couldn’t fit into them. Nevertheless, she had a grand time picking out other pairs for the run. I tried (very hard) to sell the florescent yellow pair in the picture to her (it looks really good on her) but she would’t take it at all because her current favourite colour is pink. It was purely a battle between the (sensible) pink running shoes or the gorgeous Twinkle Toes. She picked the Twinkle Toes eventually!

Pretty heels are Cherie’s (IKR, need to so cute or not?!)

Both of us, happy with our new shoes!

I went for a run on the same day and I’d have to say that I’m impressed with how light the shoes are and how comfortable they are to wear (I later learnt that it was because of the additional in-soles).

These are Joy’s Skechers’ Twinkle Toes: Shuffle – Triple Up. When they light up, they’re super pretty to look at.

Although strollers are permitted for the fun run and I will be bringing mine,  I know that Joy would actually want to run a significant distance. I suffered from mummy guilt at Joy not having a proper pair of running shoes so, we went to get a pair for her. We didn’t get the pink pair in the end because I felt like this colour was a good change for once, just as well since the store was out of sizes for the pink one.

See how happy she is? #fellowshoeaholic

The store we went to was bursting at its seams, partly because of their National Day promotion. While waiting for the right size to be brought to us, Joy was busy checking out other shoes and I had to literally hold her to keep her from asking to try even more pairs of shoes.

This is another reason why she was so excited! With every pair of children’s shoes purchased, your little one will get a token to play the capsule machine. Joy loved it during our fitting session and she couldn’t wait to have another go.

Our run is coming up in three days and I’ll be writing about it when we’re done! Meanwhile, wonder how we’ll do in mass runs? You can read about our other run experiences here and here!

Disclosure: Our registration in Shape Run 2014 was sponsored by Skechers and we were gifted with a pair of Skechers GORun Ride 3 for myself and a pair of Twinkle Toes for Joy. Opinions herein and love of shoes are purely our own.

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