Milestone | First family drawing

Last week, I went to pick you up from school as usual. Our eyes meet in the room and you ran quickly towards me. You hugged me so tight, I couldn’t breathe. And then you kissed me. And then you said, “Mummy! 我画给你的.”

When they saw us talking about the drawing, the teachers also crowded around excitedly to tell me what you told them – that you had drawn a family portrait. I look at their excited faces and felt really sad that I’m not around to watch you draw your first family portrait.

You treated it like treasure, asking me to be careful with it, not to fold it and not to crumple it. Our family must be very precious to you. Thinking about that makes my heart blow up so much it feels like it’s going to burst.

I’m going to keep it for a long, long time but just in case we lose it one day, this is how your first drawing of our family looks like. And this is how loved you made us feel, all the time.

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