Eyebrow embroidery | Why I did it.

Have you read this article about why successful people wear the same (or almost the same) thing everyday? It has been on my mind ever since I read it about 10 days ago and while shopping yesterday, I finally concluded that it’s not quite possible for me. Cutting down my wardrobe is definitely possible, so that I have less to choose from, but wearing the same thing is not. For now.

Although, reducing effort required for repetitive stuff I do daily has been my goal for a while now. In early November, I finally took the plunge and had my eyebrows embroidered, against the advice of family and friends, especially Florinda whom I utterly trust when it comes to beauty and my sis, Ashley who was equally against it. These were the advices I received, if you want to know (largest photo ever hosted on this site):

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By then Cherie and Irene had already done it and when I shared this with them, we all got a little worried (I think) and we did all sorts of searches on the internet, for before and after photos and after photos after a long time all done by Coco of Browtisan who will be doing mine the very next day.

My conclusions from all the searches and considerations were:

(1) The brows done by Coco look very decent (like it’s your own) even after years

(2) The eyebrow shapes done by Coco were very nice

(3) Coco has been doing this for decades. Many beauticians trained by her are now with other salons or have set up their own and the eyebrows done by them looked good as well.

(4) There is only one word to describe Cherie and Irene’s eyebrows done by Coco – gorgeous.

(5) I looked through so many photos of myself and realised how bad I am at drawing my own eyebrow. Something I’ve never realised before. (I’ll show soon)

(6) There are many cases where people are happy with their embroidery too!

To be honest, cost was not a factor I considered because mine is sponsored but I wouldn’t have scrimped for sure if I were paying for it on my own, because you have to live with it for a few years, and like Flo’s experience, likely for many years to come. This kind of money, I don’t save. Not because I’m rich but because I don’t want to spend even more correcting mistakes, if they can even be corrected.

I’ve had it done by now and (I really want to say this out loud) BOY, AM I GLAD I DID!

My brows did scare me to death in the first few days though. No matter what Cherie says about how much her faded, I never did rest well until I saw my own fade and become natural as well. I’ll write about it soon, meanwhile if you’re curious, you can spot my new brows in some photos on my Instagram stream. Happy browsing!

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