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Our ride has been through alot in the last 9 years. Many road trips, one major pee accident while stuck on the causeway, one major vomitting incident all over the car seat and our big move to the new home. The air circulated within the car is stale and I had enough of the roaches roaming around. Joy freaks out all the time when she sees one – she does not scream but she cries pitifully, immobilized in the car seat until we can stop safely to save her.

Cockroach in the car, when we’re already running late!

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We all know it, car washes are not thorough and spending hours to clean the car thoroughly on our own is back breaking, infrequent and really quite superficial. There was a real need for me to send the car to EA Detailer for an extremely thorough clean, of the interior and exterior.

It’s a pleasure to make an appointment with EA Detailer. Once I have confirmed an appointment date, I received an email with a calendar invite to block out my time and a reminder one day before. Both notes contained my booking number and other details, as well as a link to click on if I should need to reschedule my appointment. I wondered the email was signed off by an EuroAuto Detailer, but after I experienced their services, I think it is because they are very, very detailed.

It takes about 6 hours for a detailed clean of the car’s interior and exterior at EA Detailer and you have a few options while waiting for your car to be serviced:

      1. Use the driver service provided by EA Detailer, available during their operating hours. They will send you to your next destination and  pick you up to go back to the workshop. That literally means you can leave the car at EA Detailer before a holiday, have them send you to the airport, and then pick you up therefrom, so long as those timings are within their operating hours. So convenient.
      2. Stay in EA Detailer’s lounge, ask for wifi access and work or get some rest. They keep you hydrated with Evian mineral water and there are a handful of eateries nearby. If you are really bored, you can play racing games on their racing machine.

















6 hours is not really a lot of time, to deep clean the car in great detail, because they try to achieve a restoration as close to showroom condition as possible and it takes plenty of work to achieve that. Here’s what to expect:


I like it that EA Detailer does not just clean straight away – they inspect the car and understand it before working on it. I was also briefed about the treatments which the car will receive, the products used and what they do for the car.

While I was completing my registration for the services,  the car was observed for existing damage and an elcometer was used to inspect the paintwork, so that they know (from the thinness / thickness of the paint) which areas have been repainted and what to look out for during cleaning.

2) INTERIOR DEEP CLEANING | 3-Stage Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Treatment

Anti Pest Biofumigation

If you engage both their interior and exterior services, they will work on either in a sequence that makes the most sense but it always starts with fumigation. Fumigation is known as “Biofumigation” at EA Detailer because they use products that are biodegradable / digestible (i.e. can be broken down by the human body).

After a 30 minutes wait, they will assess the car again and redo if there are no pests (just to be sure) or start locating and removing the pests in the car.

Even during the 30 mins wait, you can get to observe pests being forced out of their hiding places, trying to make a futile escape.

After the fumigation is completed, you will be shown around to inspect the pest infestation situation.

And then the dead ones will be located and removed. They end up being stuck by the side of the workshop, with the car licence plate number written on, for owners to understand the pest infestation situation, if they’ve been away. I am told that this fumigation is effective on about 80 percent of the pests in the car.  The remaining 20% might make their way out dead or about to die over the next few days. Fumigation is not effective against any existing eggs of the pests, so an in-depth vacuum is included in the interior cleaning, to get rid of them as much as possible.

Anti Viral Sanitization

You can probably say that I am anal about the products used on the car, especially on the interior. EA Detailer uses disinfectants that are preventive against things like Salmonella, H5N1 and hand-foot-mouth disease. The disinfectants are certified by the Singapore General Hospital and I feel very assured because of that. This sanitisation process covers both physical surfaces within the car and the air environment (including the aircon system).

The leather seats are then conditioned with leather care that is less oil-based. It softens and brings out the shine without a greasy feel.

Anti Mold/Odour Smell Ozonic Treatment

Bacterial and moisture are removed from the air environment through the use of a Promed generator that emits O3 sterilising agent for 15 to 20 minutes. No chemical solutions are used and the air-conditioning system is cleaned too. Joy’s car seat was treated with steam (more below) before it went through the treatment. Double clean.

An additional treatment you may will want to opt for is the steam cleaning, because the fabric covered areas (i.e. the floor, roof, car seat) within the car are often the most neglected and some of the dirtiest places in the car. Ask them for an introductory price if you’re trying it out for the first time.

We give Joy’s car seat a wipe down / wash the fabric portions often but Joy eats her breakfast in the car and touches the car seat everyday, so I think that it is one of the dirtiest things in the car. It’s such an irony that that one of the dirtiest things in the car is used to ferry one of the most precious persons in my life. I looked forward to getting Joy’s car seat cleaned by steam the most.

3) EXTERIOR DEEP CLEANING | 3-Stage Exterior Glow

Car wash

Cleaning the exterior always starts with a car wash but its whats used at EA Detailer that makes the difference. They use the KochChemie range of products that consists of high quality cleaning and care products which complements each other for the best results (more information on KochChemie).

The car is soaked and then washed with Koch Chemie Magic Shampoo, a phosphate-free Foaming solution that softens impurities on the paint.

3 Steps Compounding

Particles on the car are then removed in three steps. This includes claying, which is literally them using a piece of a blue, soap-like bar of clay to remove contaminants that are bonded to the surface which cannot be removed by washing alone. After which they target the finer particles to even and smooth the surface and apply a nano sealant to protect the car.


The nano sealant is pretty cool because it can repel water on the surface of the body works. That makes the car easier to maintain in the long run.

Machine Buffing Paint Correction Polish Process

Needs no introduction.

Engine Bay Detailing

I’m very glad they cleaned our engine bay because I have no idea how to clean it on our own. Instead of using water or an air hose, EA Detailer uses a solution called KochChemie Wheel Cleaner to prevent damage to electronic compartment.

After this, every external part of your car is then cleaned in detail. This includes the rims, exhaust as well as door shuts, boot shuts, bonnet edges, fuel cap and even the letterings on your car.


When everything is completed, your car will be driven into the show room. That’s when the kick comes in – the car is now as clean as it can possibly be.

Even so, the specialists at EA Detailer will do a final check and touch up, to make sure that they do not miss out anything.

When they are truly satisfied with their work, you get to witness the White Glove Test. They are so confident of the cleaning work that they will rub a white glove over various parts of your car to show you how clean it now is.

EA Detailers will also point out now your car now reflects so well, its like a mirror.

I touched the leather seats and they felt so buttery soft and smooth.

Lastly, you will be led to the car where the air condition will be blasted to full power, so that you can experienced how they have drastically improved the air environment.

Overall, I was very impressed. That day, as I was driving home, the sky was a magnificent sight, turning from one hue to another and I felt like I was witnessing it in high definition. Needs some getting used to. Here are details on EA Detailers for your information.

EA Detailers
Address: 51 Jalan Tua Kong Singapore 457250
Contact: 6635 7398
Email: enquiry@eadetailer.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eadetailer

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****** UPDATE 29 December 2016  ******

EA Detailers are currently running a new promotion as below, and you can make a booking here.

****** PROMOTION  (ENDED)  ******

If you are interested to get your car treated as well, you can make a booking here. It’s a good time too, because EA Detailers are now having promotions as follows:

1. 45% Off 3-Stage Interior at $108 (Usual Price $198)
-> Anti Pest Biofumigation
-> Anti Viral Sanitization (Covers Physical and Air environment including aircon system)
-> Anti Mold/Odour Smell Ozonic Treatment
-> Leather Treatment
-> Dashboard Treatment
-> Indepth Vacuum

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

2. 45% Off 3-Stage Exterior at $108 (Usual Price $198)
-> 3 Steps Compounding
-> Machine Buffing
-> NanoSealant
-> Engine bay detailing
-> Detailing area on door shuts, boot shuts, bonnet edges and fuel cap
-> Rims polishing
-> Exhaust polishing

3. Take both Exterior and Interior Detailing at ONLY $198

Duration : 4 to 6 hours

****** GIVEAWAY ******

Winner announcement: Congratulations to Kenny! You’ve won yourself 1 X Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Treatment worth $198! I’ll be in touch on redemption shortly.

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2. Only residents of Singapore are eligible to participate
3. Additional surcharge of $50 applies for MPV/SUV/Large & Flagship Luxury Sedans
4. I reserve the right to determine qualifying entries and amend terms and conditions without prior notice.
5. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
6. The winner will be announced on the blog, my Facebook Page and notified via email.

Disclosure: We were provided with both the 3-Stage Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Treatment, Steam Cleaning as well as the 3-Stage Exterior Glow treatment for the trial purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are our own.

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  1. What perfect timing as my wife has been complaining about finding roaches in the car. The current promo price makes it really affordable too!

    1. So which is your favourite treatment at EA Detailers?

      1. Definitely the 3-Stage Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Treatment!!!

  2. This is exactly what we need for our car! Especially the interior one! Thanks for the sharing…

    1. Hi Mich! Hehe which is your favourite treatment at EA Detailers?

      1. Definitely the interior one. With a kid who keeps snacking in the car, that’s what we need!

  3. Chua choon hong says: Reply

    Nice. Am i eligible for the interior clean up?

    1. You’ll have a participating entry if you tell me which is your favourite treatment at EA Detailers :)

      1. Chua Choon hong says: Reply

        3 stage interior sanitization and anti pest treatment!!!!!! Please rid of the tiny roaches!!!

  4. Vincent Lee Wee Ping says: Reply

    the 3-Stage Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Treatment!
    time to catch some Xiao Qiang

    1. Good luck!

  5. I am looking for this to clean my car ….

    1. Hehe so which is your favourite treatment at EA Detailers?

      1. I like the Interior Sanitization with Anti Pest Treatment. Can get rid of my long time friends live in my car ..

  6. Wah! Are all those roaches yours?? When they did the fumigation for me I think I only had about 4 or 5. I always buy one whole packet of roach repellent (it comes in a box of 4 or 6?) and place ALL randomly in the car. Although EA said it doesn’t help, I had the fewest number of roaches among the other ladies who went at the same time…and the most number of kids :p

    1. haha I had 10 roaches! Your logic works, I’m going to try LOL

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