Philips and Disney lighting range : It’s just Magic, lighting up our night

As Joy was ill, we had to miss the slumber party which Philips organized to introduce the new Philips and Disney lighting range but that day I could see loads of updates on the event on my Instagram stream and here are some photos which my sisters in blogging sent to me for sharing:

The event location. We’ve been there before for another one of Philips’ launches – the place is so cosy and perfect for a slumber party.
Photo by Cherie
How cute are these!
Photo by Irene
Sophia, Irene’s daughter with Softpal Sulley and Softpal Mike. I heart Sully so much!
Photo by Irene
This is Nakaylya, Mabel‘s daughter with my favourite night light
Photo by Cherie
I can totally understand why its not just the children who are smitten with the night lights.
Photo of Cherie from Cherie.
Irene with Minnie and Mickey Softpals
Photo by Cherie
Princess night light, also comes in Winnie the Pooh / Cars design!
Photo by Irene
I heard that the girls went ahead to win themselves some goodies and the event. Winnie the Pooh torch is so cute!
Photo by Cherie

I showed Joy the photos and she waited in anticipation for her very own night light. The one she received from Philips is their Princess Projector Light!

Joy, happily exploring her projector light

We put batteries in her night light. It looked like Joy was holding on to a cone-shaped light sabre in her hands.

Joy immediately noticed the princesses printed on the light. It’s not bright enough to be blinding but illuminates just enough.

It’s a projector as well! The pictures printed on are so intricate, even I am fascinated.

Joy loves to chase after the projected lighting, it’s a good thing it isn’t blinding, even when she looks in the direction of the projection.

We use Joy’s night light to illuminate our way when we want a drink of water at night.

And to light up the room just enough for Joy to climb up and down the bed.

Joy insisted that I use it to light our way when we woke in the middle of the night to open the doors for her Dad, who returned from a business trip. She wanted badly to show it to him.

Joy’s night light also sets the right ambience for our nightly girl chats. This photo is grainy but it shows you how our heart to heart chats always turn out.

“Can anything harm us, mother, after the night-lights are lit?” “Nothing, precious,” she said; “they are the eyes a mother leaves behind her to guard her children.” – JM Barrie, author of Peter Pan


The Philips and Disney lighting range will be available at, and from June 2014, at selected departmental, and mother and childcare stores at the following prices:

Philips and Disney SoftPals: SGD$72.90
Philips and Disney Light and Image Projectors: SGD$38.90
Philips and Disney Night Light: SGD$24.90
Philips and Disney Torch Lights: SGD$19.90

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation between Philips and Disney and So Oddly Dreamlike. All opinions are my own.

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