I realized that I left my phone in Daddy’s car almost right after he dropped me at the station.

Before the withdrawal symptoms set in, I thought it was not exactly a bad situation to be in. Not bad.. Not having my phone today means I can focus better today. But withdrawal symptoms set in when I sat down in the train.

so what do I do now?

I’m so used to catching up on my emails / Facebook / blogging on the go that I suddenly have no idea what to do with all that time. 25 minutes is a lot of time for me.

I looked at what I had in the bag and immediately found something to do. Clean my bag of the receipts and papers I’ve randomly thrown in because I was in a rush.

I looked up from furiously sorting the papers in my bag once in a while and saw a few people who were watching me sort my bag and people looking at their mobile devices. More people looking at their mobile devices.

20 minutes later I ended up with this:

See the amount of junk i’ve been carrying around with me? Victory! Blessing in disguise.

It was manageable too for the rest of the day. Just that I had nothing to read whilst pumping milk, nothing to note down the groceries I had to buy after work.

Only thing was that I was supposed to have a call tonight. Not impossible without my phone but difficulty level became significantly higher for a variety of reasons.

Just do it” I told myself. Before I left, I log back into the network to print the call detail, thinking to myself “maybe the call will be cancelled tonight. I logged in and saw this:

This is a good Monday by my standards. So grateful!

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