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It’s been almost five years since we splurged on our bedding and accessories. Was it worth it? A big fat yes but, especially when Joy kept on getting respiratory problems in the past, I’ve been kept busy, cleaning the nasty stuff away from our bed.

For a long time, I relied on:

1. A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner with UV function made especially for bedding
2. Regular cleaning

I didn’t go with the huge expensive machines that many of my friends recommend because I didn’t have space for their storage. Also, I think that scientifically, water molecules are large and does not trap micro particles and hence the machines which uses water to supposedly capture particles and prevent them from going back to the environment were also out of the question for me.

But it gets tiring after a while.

When we moved into the new home, I had this urge to deep clean everything. The first and most important item to deep clean would be our bed, afterall, we spend so much of our time on it (1/3 of our lives, yo). de Hygiénique came up as I was randomly browsing online for bed cleaning services. I’ve heard good things about them before and decided to try them out.


1. Pee marks and residues from Joy peeing in our bed when she was younger.

2. Dirt / dust particles from crevices formed within stitches on my mattress

Usually, I use my fingers + a lint roller to remove these dirt

3. Dust mite removal

4. Overall deep cleaning of skin particles, dust and other undesirables


The men in green arrived at my door step very punctually. Its a feat, since mine is a new estate, contractors and delivery man alike take some time to locate it usually.

The men in green took 5 mins to charge their equipment and fill up forms of some sort.

Not long after, they started a demo to show me the effectiveness of their cleaning. Warning, Turn down the volume for the first part, unless you want to hear the volume of the equipment when it is cleaning.

They proceed to clean my entire mattress and some of my pillows. To be fair, we have a lot of pillows for the master bedroom, because I am still nursing Joy and we need them for back support, but I’m not sure why they were not all cleaned when the cleaning was supposed to include pillows as well.

The long, blue article is a super long pillow and we’ve been using it for as long as our bed. :X
1 man needed to hold down the pillow

After the deep cleaning, it was time to sanitise.

With this spray. The smell of the disinfectant was really nice!

Here’s a short video of the disinfecting process:


If you’re interested to engage them, here are more information I asked the men in green while they worked / a query list I sent de Hygienique for more information.

What will you be able to extract from the mattress?

Mattresses contain a high amount of dust, human dead skin flakes, house dust mites and their excrements. Dust mites’ excrements are known to cause allergy outbreak such as asthma, eczema, rhinitis, etc. Even if you are not allergic, you wouldn’t want to breathe in these every night.

What will be the cost for your services?

We do not have a fixed price for our services as price ranges according to mattress/ sofa / carpet sizes and condition. However, there is a minimum charge of $100 before GST for mattress and sofa cleaning, $150 before GST for carpet/rug cleaning.

You may visit our website for more information.

Do you have any packages for long term cleaning needs?

Yes. Packages are customised according to cleaning type, quantity and frequency.

How long before do customers need to make appointment?

Preferably 5 working days in advance.

How long does it take to clean a king sized mattress?

17-20 minutes

Can you clean pillows / bedding accessories?

Yes. But not spring form support.

(no reasons as to why provided)

Can Pee residues be cleaned?

Pee becomes tiny particles when dried and will be extracted by the powerful machine. What remains is a stain on the surface of the mattress that needs to be cleaned in other ways.

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de Hygiénique (Asia) Pte Ltd
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#03-44 Paya Ubi Industrial Park
Singapore 408943

Website: Http://www/
Sales email:
Tel: +65 6749 1950

Disclosure: While I received 1 cleaning session on 1 of my beds for the purposes of this review, this review was provided on a voluntary basis, no compensation was received


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