Daiso Singapore | 21 favourite buys!

When Justina of Mom in the Making initiated a Daiso 101 blog train, I had to sign up for it. Daiso plays such a big part in my life; it is always a possiblity that Daiso has whatever I’m looking for. With such a good balance of useful as well as novelty products, I never know what I’ll find whenever I step in! I’m sharing 21 of my favouritest finds from Daiso today. Have fun!

Daiso Find #1 | Delicate mini glass jars with spout

I bought them to use in my new kitchen. They’ll be perfect for sauces, cooking, sampling and so on and so forth. I haven’t started using them, but I love how beautiful they look!

Daiso Find #2 | SD & Micro SD card case

This SD card case can store 4 SD cards and 6 Micro SD cards. It’s translucent, so I know exactly which ones are stored in each case (I have 2 of it!) and there is no need for me to scramble around looking for them again. The Micro SD card slots can also hold sim cards, if you secure them with a scotch tape. Perfect for travelling.

Daiso Find #3 | Mini Drawers

I first bought the wider version of these mini drawers for storing sanitary pads and panty liners in the bathroom. They protect the pads from water, allowing me to keep my pads in the toilet itself, so convenient.

I bought more for storing mineral samples for ESOD (you can test my minerals for nothing!), it’s just the right size for my tiny ziplock bags. I kept some extras, for storing bento picks and accessories when we move into the new home!

Daiso Find #4 | Wooden container

I’ve use this container for many things.  One to store jewellery I use on a daily basis. 2nd to store mineral make up since they are in jars. Three, I fill the long horizontal part with coloured salt and put printed letter flash cardsin the squares for Joy to trace with her fingers.

Daiso Find #5 | LED Orb Lights & Container with handle

I received the memo for Joy to bring a home made lantern to school on the afternoon of the day before it was due. At the suggestion of my girlfriends, I went to Daiso looking for the “candle” LED lights but chanced upon these. I bought them in the end because one, there are two orbs, two, they come in prettier colors (we got a pink / white one) and three, they each come with a battery. Look at how our lantern turned out here on my Instagram. Even the container is from Daiso.

Daiso Find #6 | Miso Soup Muddler

I get a kick out of both the name of this device and how very useful it is. I love miso soup and cook it very often when I have access to a kitchen.  Not only is it easy to extract miso from its packaging, I can extract miso in neat rectangles and then stir it in directly into a pot or into a bowl of hot water. It’s life changing for me.

Daiso Find #7 | Mini sauce bottles

I have a stash of about 6-10 of these bottles, with white & black caps. They’re smaller than your regular bottles, so that each time, you don’t put all of your sauce in one bottle and have them all be contaminated with regular use. Also, I like that all my sauces will have a uniform look, I can print custom sticker labels for them. Yes, I have a bit of OCD.

Daiso Find #8 | Oil absorbent pads

What do you do with a whole wok of used oil? My mom pours it into another container, wait for it to cool then discard them. Until we found these that is. One pad can absorb 130ml worth of oil and normally we use a maximum of 2 pads. Soak up all the oil and discard right away.

Daiso Find #9 | Lint remover

When my clothes or our bedding starts to ball, this lint remover actually really works. It’s very satisfying to see the lint balls get trapped into the clear container. Try it.

Daiso Find #10 | Gel effect Top Coat

Gel polishes have an unrivalled shine that normal polishes / top coat just cannot beat. If you apply about 2 coats of this the effect is actually very close to gel polishes.

Daiso Find #11 | Nail Polish Thinner

I will probably never ever buy store bought nail polish (here’s why), but my problem is, I have some bought before I set up ESOD and they are all drying up from neglect. This one is cheap and effective!

Daiso Find #12 | Matte nail polish top coat

Matte top coats drastically changes the feel of a nail polish; they make nails look edgy and fashionable. The downside is that Matte Top Coats are expensive. You can make your own (very easy) or get this one from Daiso!

Daiso Find #13 | Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleaning Detergent

Hands down the most effective cleaning agent for brushes and sponges I have ever used in my life. Not easy to find nowadays, if you do, please try it. (Read: Fastest, Easiest way to clean make up brushes)

Daiso Find #14 | Refrigerant Pad

These are so cute and useful for keeping packed food fresh, perfect for My Bento Dream! A refrigerant pad from one of those bento stores online costs many times more.

Daiso Find #15 | Lint Roller

I sourced for these after watching an episode of of the Japanese manga series, Crayon Shin-chan (クレヨンしんちゃん) or 蜡笔小新 on how the family picks up stray fingernail bits with it after cutting their fingernails. The rest is history. Daiso also has pink patterned lint roller refills which makes Joy happy when she helps to clean up. (Read: The other time we were influenced by Crayon Shin-chan)

Daiso Find #16 | Combini-style wrapper

When Joy was younger, I liked to pack bentos filled with our favourite onigiri for outings. Fuss free, mess free and professional looking. Joy love them and still asks for them. These are not easy to find in Singapore, nor cheap if you find them elsewhere.

Daiso Find #17 | Bento Boxes

Once upon a time, Daiso carried Lube Sheep bento boxes and it was all the rage. I have the whole range! Now part of my bento box stash are already boxed up, waiting for our move so this pink ones are my current favourites. Enough capacity to fit 3 large onigiris and a container underneath for other dishes. 2 is just right to feed our family of three.

Daiso Find #18 | Bento Accessories

I have so many bento accessories from Daiso. Soy sauce bottle in the shape of transportation, character picks and silicon dividers. Daiso is bento accessories heaven.

Daiso Find #19 | Ice packs

When I was a FTWM, I used these ice pack to line a Daiso insulated lunch bag for transporting breast milk home from my office. They freeze well and quickly and last long enough for me to reach home (about 30-45 minutes. Sometimes, my milk is already semi frozen by the time I reached home. (Read: Expressing Breastmilk at work)

Daiso Find #20 | Insulated Lunch Bag

This is how I line my insulated lunch bag from Daiso. I picked a tall one that is exactly the height of the ice pack then line the whole bag, plus one more on top before I zip them up. DIY fridge to go.

Daiso Find #21 | Tall Plastic Container

This is my breastfeeding story. I expressed breastmilk at work for a total of 17 months, until I quit my job. I had no choice but to pump in the executive toilet. To make sure that my milk is as clean as possible, i sanitised every surface area that my bottle was likely to come into contact with every single day, until I found this container. Tall enough to fit my pump and bottle, the lid serves as barrier from toilet surface as well. Joy is four now and we’re still nursing :D (Read: What it’s like to nurse a 3 year old. I’m writing another post when she turns 4!)

I’ve used products from Daiso for many different purposes, ever since the day I discovered Daiso in Singapore. There are plenty more that I have tried but these are my favouritest of them all. Some products I wanted to get, like the corn cutter, are out of stock, please let me know if you see them! That’s all for today, if you’d like a full review / tutorial on any of the above products, let me know in the comments!

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This post is part of the Daiso 101 Blog Train. Click on the picture below for more ideas and tip offs for shopping at Daiso. Happy Shopping!


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30 Replies to “Daiso Singapore | 21 favourite buys!”

  1. Wow the mini drawers look useful. $2 for a set of two drawers right? I guess the issue is usually how to find them, and whether they have run out of stock.

    Never knew Daiso has so many nail polish products! Shall try to find the gel look one, to see whether it works as well as Poshe top coat. ;)

    1. Yes! $2 for a set of 2 drawers, I was at the Tampines 1 branch and they still had some. I never knew too that Daiso had nail products, I chanced upon them one day and the rest is history!

  2. That’s a lot of things you like and I’ve never even tried them before! This blog train is one awesome one kudos to Justina.

    1. There are also plenty I haven’t tried as well! Oh yes, Justina hosts awesome blog trains!

  3. That’s a super impressive list! Some products in your list are my favourites and some, I will be hitting the stores this weekend to try! Thank you so much for sharing Estella :D

    1. hehe please let me know if you find other good products! :D

  4. Wow! I love your sharing! I have never ever looked into the departments of the things u shared before! Usually I go to crafts and kids sections only else I will leave very broke. Lol.

    Looks like shopping in diaso is better than other other places!

    1. Haha Daiso is a dangerous place to be in! Some items are more expensive in Daiso actually, but most are cheap and so interesting!

  5. The soup muddler looks weird to me. Exactly how to use it??

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

    1. Haha its a MISO soup muddler! Just insert into miso, extract desired amount, stir directly in soup pot / bowl of hot water!

  6. Nice blog train. I have a difference preference of items to purchase at Daiso. You probably can guess what it will be…:)

    1. Hehee I totally can guess! Their stationary sections is full of surprises too!

  7. When Justina put this blog train up for daiso, I had to skip it because I can never find anything useful there! Alright. Maybe once when I purchased a $2 table Christmas tree. I remember twice I bought stuff from there but to find the same thing else where selling for less than $2. It was then I realized that they don’t necessarily carry the cheapest stuff in town *sobs* but definitely my go-to if I really don’t have time to go shopping for certain items in different stores because daiso has them all in one place (although not all very usable!)

    1. Oh yeah, haha they don’t necessarily carry the cheapest things but for certain things, the price is unbeatable! hehe you’re the first person I know who can’t find useful things in Daiso!

  8. wow Estella, you opened my eyes to more Daiso gems *gasped with glee*! I think I will go get that SD card holder for the photographer hubby cos he’s always putting his SD cards everywhere :D

    1. I saw one that can hold 16 SD cards last week, but it’s like a rectangular shaped plastic, this is aesthetically more pleasing and easier to carry around. :)

  9. Hi Estella
    Can you tell me which daiso branch has the SD card holder

    1. Hello Gail! I bought it from the PS branch and saw alot of them at the T1 branch last week! :)

  10. This is really an eye-opener for me! I never knew about the miso soup muddler!

  11. Mark Davies says: Reply

    Spout not Sprout!

    1. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the review!
    The outlet at T1 seems limited in makeup though.
    The stock are quite inconsistent for the outlets. Some have certain product, some don’t have.


    1. Oh yes, the stock is inconsistent across outlets. On the contrary, I found alot of my make up stuff at T1, normally on Tuesdays. :)

  13. May I know which Daiso I should go to look for nails thinner?

    1. I’ve seen it at many Daiso stores. I mainly go to the Tampines / WWP stores. :)

  14. Hi! May I know which section did you get the seaweed wrapper from Daiso? Cause i can’t find them ): Thanks!! :)

    1. Hello! I got them from the PS branch at the bento / food container section!

  15. My wife bought one of the mini drawers a couple of months ago@ Daiso and she used it for storing here bead accessories. She is somehow satisfied with the quality. :)

    Eddy -Personal Times Business Gifts

    1. The quality is pretty good.

      1. Yup! There are other stuff she bought too…but mostly bathroom kits. hahaha…Yes i agree, the quality is pretty good!

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