Review: Mustela Bébé – Skincare for babies and children [ Giveaway Completed! ]

I make special effort when it comes to JoyJoy’s skincare, from choosing her bath products to moisturisers (she has particularly dry skin) to sunblock. In the last 2 years we have tried a number of products, many highly recommended by other moms and some organic, some botanical, some medicinal but we haven’t quite been able to address some of the little girl’s skincare needs.

As a baseline, I prefer products that do not contain undesirable ingredients, so I like it that Mustela’s products do not contain:

– Phthalate
– Parabens
– Phenoxyethanol
– Alcohol
– Chlorphenesin
– Genetically modified plants extracts
– Alcohol

The new Mustela Bébé line is reformulated with Avocado Perseose, an extract of Avocado patented and exclusive to Mustela that is biomimetic (as close as is possible to nature, plant or human, to mimic its structure or the way it functions) to preserve the skin’s stem cell stock. The quantity and quality of stem cells are maximum at birth but will decrease rapidly if unprotected Avocado Perseose also reinforces skin barrier.

{ Interesting trivia: At the launch, we were told that for the research leading to Mustela’s new Bébé line, tests were done on actual skin belonging to newborns. I wondered how they managed to test on actual baby skin but before I needed to ask, we were told that they worked on the skin of baby boys who were circumcised and there is no difference between the skin of baby boys and baby girls. }

Anyway, I was pretty glad that some of the items we sampled were handpicked by myself, to suit our needs. The ones I picked were:

Top L to R: Vitamin Barrier Cream, Dermo-cleansing, Hydra Bébé®, PhysiObébé, Multi-sensory bubble bath
Bottom L to R: Facial Cleansing Cloths, Sun Cream for Sensitive Areas, STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream and STELATOPIA® Lipid-replenishing balm

I tried most of the products for around a week and saw enough for me to insist on having them with us on our recent trip to Bali. Josephine of Mustela kindly arranged travel sized products for our trip, thank you!

Top L to R: Special Intolerances Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50+ (my own), STELATOPIA® Lipid-replenishing balm, Demo-Cleansing, PhysiObébé, Hydra bébé, Facial Cleansing Cloths
Bottom: Sachets of Sun Cream for Sensitive Areas

For daily cleaning in Bali, I always had Demo-cleansing, PhysiObébé and Hydra Bébé® by the bathtub.

The actual, full-sized versions of these three products are housed in their pump packaging, like in the first picture above. I like the stoppers used for the pump packaging for their colours, so we can help the in laws differentiate the separate uses for each bottle.

On a daily basis, I use dermo-cleansing for JoyJoy’s hair and body (yay for 2-in-1 products!)

Dermo-cleansing is a liquid bath wash. I use just enough to lather (not too much) and it rinses off clean without leaving the skin squeaky. The non-squeaky part is extremely important to me because of her dry skin – I like her skin clean but not stripped.

JoyJoy’s hair tangles up easily after a bath and it has always been quite difficult for us to untangle them. Dermo-cleansing really does smooth out her hair quite a bit and all we have to do now, is to very gently comb out her hair after a bath, it is not longer the major tangled up mess we used to get.

You know how they say you only need to use water to clean your little one’s face? I’m not a believer. Think: Oil and dirt that gets on the face of an active toddler who will not understand the concept of eating neatly or watching out for cleanliness when she’s having fun playing.

Now, I not only clean JoyJoy’s face during a bath with water but also use PhysiObébé after her bath to dissolve dirt and oil. I use this as a “makeup remover” to remove any sunblock I put on her in the course of the day, so that the sunblock will not clog her pores.

I was certainly glad had a bottle of this when we were on holiday in Bali because on Day 2, we woke up to find our water supply disrupted.

In any case, even when we did have water for bathing while in Bali, I’d still wipe her over again with PhysiObébé because I was unsure if water was clean enough and if not, whether she would be sensitive to the water.

If you like how useful PhysiObébé is but do not like the idea of carrying a bottle around everywhere, you can get the Facial Cleansing Cloths. They are basically thick, plush wipes drenched in PhysiObébé, super convenient to carry around!

When JoyJoy developed a rash all of a sudden at a restaurant in Bali, I guessed that she might have touched something somewhere that made her skin react. I whipped out my pack of Facial Cleansing Cloths and gave her a good wipe down. It’s as good as giving her a bath, right there and then. The rash subsided pretty soon after.

After a bath, I always follow up with Hydra Bébé® to moisturise the little girl’s dry skin.

This is how her skin looked like before. I spot flaky skin pretty often in the past, both on her body and on her face. I see marked improvements after using Hydra Bébé® on her body and STELATRIA® Purifying recovery cream on her face. I love it that Hydra Bébé® is a very light lotion that is easily absorbed because I hate to put anything heavy on skin, particularly not hers.

Unrelated: I heart those long lashes she has, and those chubby cheeks.

Touch is a way I use to reassure the little girl and calm her down so, when the little girl is a little cranky, I sometimes give her a quick back massage using Hydra Bébé® to achieve smoothen, moisturised skin + bonding.

When it comes to skincare, it is never, ever complete without good sun protection. Personally, I wear sunblock even when I go out at night (because I believe that that sun is still there although you can’t see it) and some of my friends wear sunblock even at home. Yeah, sun protection is THAT important.

At the moment, we use Special Intolerances Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50+, also known as the only Mustela product we have used before Mustela approached us to sample the rest. In Bali, I have the tube with me all the time, especially when we swim.

When using sunblock, DO NOT rub it in like in the picture below:

But dot it on the face and then pat to distribute cream all over the skin.

Can you see how supple her skin has become?

But what do we do about sensitive areas like eye lids and areas around the lips?

Well, you could hide from the sun like this (but you still wouldn’t be able to cover around the lips) …

Or, you could use Mustela’s Sun Cream for Sensitive Areas specially formulated for intolerant skin with very high protection of SPF 50 + UVB – UVA 25 PPD.

This water resistant tube of suncream was our sun hero for the Shape Run, working in the background whilst the little girl stays fair and protected when dealing with paparazzi. The formulation feels like a light lotion, was easy to apply and she had zero skin reaction to it!

One of the other goodies I tried other than daily skincare for the little girl was Mustela’s sensory bubble bath!

I use it for sensory play sessions with the little girl. She throughly enjoyed being able to soak in the bubbles and discover / play with them to her heart’s content and I didn’t have to worry about whether the bubble bath is harsh on her skin or not.

The last product I sampled is Mustela’s famous diaper cream – The Vitamin Barrier Cream.

As the name suggests, this is a cream that acts as a barrier between a child’s skin and spoiled diaper that could give the child a nasty rash. Although JoyJoy is turning 2 in a heartbeat (so fast?!), she’s still on diapers and, for night time, she wears one and sleeps with it till day break.

Per the product description, this one contains ingredients to reduce the development of bacteria, soothe the skin and leave it soft as well as provides instant relief from diaper rash. I find that it works as claimed.

****** GIVEAWAY ******

As you can tell, I’m happy with how the products have worked so far. The good news is that Mustela Singapore has kindly sponsored a giveaway for:

ANY full-sized Mustela Product of your choice + A packet of Facial Cleansing Cloths!

Follow the steps below to join! The winner will be picked randomly and announced on my facebook page and in an edit of this post on 8 November 2013. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to the winners! You will be contacted shortly :)

Disclaimer : Products reviewed in this post was provided by Mustela Singapore. No monetary compensation was involved and all opinions are of my own.


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      Yup, quite fun! Good luck!

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    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      Now a must have for me when I travel as well. Good Luck!

  3. Special Intolerances Very High Protection Mineral Cream SPF50+,

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      Good Luck!

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      Hydra Bebe? Hehehe you heard right, really good!

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    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      Joy hated bathing until she turned 1 or so. 2-in-1 products saved my day may times, so good choice!

  7. I would like to try the PhysiObébé! A no-rinse solution !

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      Ya! Super useful! Good luck!

  8. PhysiObébé! A no-rinse solution!!

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      Good choice! hehe

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  12. STELATOPIA® Lipid-replenishing balm to try on my ezcema prone daughter

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