Daddy’s heart is here


4 days in Indonesia, 4 days in China and the rest of the 3 weeks on reservist = a very joy (pun intended) deprived Daddy.

He was on wait list for a 5pm flight from Indonesia back to Singapore (which would give him precious time to have a home cooked meal and be with his Joy) but it was full and end up Daddy’s flight back from Indonesia landed close to 10pm today, by the time he reached home, it was close to 11pm and he needs to rush for a 1.15am flight to China. Very very rush. I had to standby his clothing and luggage and together, we packed for a -8 degrees trip to China in 20 minutes.

Whilst waiting for his flight, Daddy was texting me. He said he read my last post and felt very sad because he doesn’t have enough time with Joy Joy. T.T

Joy Joy, who usually sleeps through the night now (i.e sleeps for a stretch of 5 hours at night.. I know, lucky us) woke up unexpectedly just as Daddy reached downstairs. Talk about telepathy..

First thing Daddy did when he reached home was to carry Joy Joy and plant hundreds of kisses on her chubby cheeks. His heart must be aching from missing her terribly.

The picture’s blur, but it doesn’t matter at all. Isn’t it?

When Daddy reached the airport
I texted him to say I put in a scarf in his luggage just in case and he replied to say he missed me and Joy Joy already.

T.T … Luckily Daddy also said he missed me. The Daddy has always been quite smart…

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