Daddy’s Birthday

It was Daddy’s birthday yesterday and he was sulking because no one seem to love him extra.

We were up the night before taking care of Joy Joy. In fact, she slept in my arms half the night. So by morning, everybody was tired and had no energy to SHOW that we love him extra. I didn’t even have the strength to make him a peanut butter sandwich.

Daddy wanted a banana chocolate (did someone just say CHOCOLATE?!) fudge cake from secret recipe but I couldn’t leave home on my own, much less leave Joy Joy milk-less.

So I got grandma to get him a cake. When he knew there was a cake he was elated and did a little jig before remembering to ask me “From where?”. I stuttered and told him that secret recipe is out if the way for grandma so we got him one from prima deli, he sulked harder and proceeded to wail on the floor with his legs kicking like Joy Joy display his displeasure. He even had a wailing competition with Joy Joy, who was crying because she had a wet diaper but yet dislike having a bare bum when changing.

In the end, we a simple celebration by ourselves ( actually Grandma and Grandpa were more interested in TV) and this is Daddy making a wish…..

… After singing “Happy Birthday to me..Happy Birthday to me..”

Don’t worry, next year Joy Joy will sing for you and blow out your candles. ^.^

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