Daddy Love

Joy Joy suffers from painful gas. Badly. Probably from all that hard crying.

I know it’s extremely painful for her because she grunts, grimaces and sometimes cries out in pain even when nursing. She didn’t even flinch or cry when her blood was drawn for the jaundice tests, so long as she was either in a deep sleep or nursing. So I know how painful it must be for her.

It’s been so for 1-2 days now and I really can’t bear to see her suffer like this. So this afternoon, I went out to get gripe water. Didn’t help. By evening, she was crying again when nursing. The cause of her crying was obvious to Grandma and I.

When an exhausted Daddy got off work, he texted me to say he would walk to the heartland shops near our home to get me the butter cookies I had been craving for. So I sent him to get Ridwind for Joy Joy, who happened to be crying painfully when I was on the phone with Daddy.

Daddy diligently checked with all of the shops for Ridwind but, one after another, they told him no, they do not carry Ridwind. He tired many many shops and even the medical clinics, basically all and any shop he could think of that could possibly carry Ridwind. But he was disappointed time and again. In his mind he planned to drive out to get the medication.

Before he drove out, Daddy tried one last shop. It was the last place he would think look but he tried it anyway. And to his surprise, the shopkeeper said Yes!

I didn’t witness it but Daddy said he was overjoyed. Extremely happy that this shop in this part of earth sold this humble medication that would give his beloved daughter relief from the pain she suffered. So happy that his eyes light up once he heard that they sold it and he beamed a super wide smile when he passed his $10 to the shopkeeper, eternally grateful for their inventory. So much so, that it startled the shopkeeper. He said I would have laughed my head off if I had witnessed it.

I can imagine because when Daddy got home, he was full of smiles and excited to tell me the story. He said he love his daughter oh so much and felt very happy to be able to lessen her pain.

I’m writing this down so that Joy Joy knows how much Daddy loves her.

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