Combat ready

I was desperate.

After many days of nursing, i had severely sore, aching neck, arms, back and wherever you can think of and one morning I just had enough so I asked Daddy to go to the Kiddy Palace at TPY to just grab it. Hence the ugly pillow.

I still love it tho. Ugly but it’s a life saver.

In the pouch, I have a small sized hand sanitizer, a small square cloth, sometimes the fan remote control and always, before I start nursing, my phone. Recently, I added a hand operated mini fan and I should have a spare battery included too.

My combat pack looks something like this from my view:

When I wear it, I look like a flattened humpty dumpty and one exhausting night, sleep deprived Daddy was up taking care of Joy Joy when he informed a sleeping me that she wants food NOW!

So I forced myself awake, jumped out of bed, went to the toilet and then swiftly put on my combat pack only to realise that. Daddy managed to cox Joy Joy to sleep!!

“why did you make me get all these ready if she’s not hungry!!” i whispered, exhausted. Then it occurre to us that I look so comical and the situation was so comical to that we couldn’t stop laughing. When laughing, Daddy was on our bed, on his knees to carefully put Joy Joy back to where she sleeps so he had to really control himself until he’s settled her.

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