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Right now, Joy is down with flu. I like to learn new things but I’m not thrilled at a growing knowledge of medication by their clinical names, dosage suitable for a certain weight and ability to read different medical equipment. We see doctors at KKH so often they remember us by name. ☹

Lift upgrading is finally happening for my parents-in-law’s estate but it means that we have been living with bad air for the past few months. With Joy being so prone to respiratory problems, I try very very hard to keep her environment as clean as possible, including cleaning the air-conditioner regularly (no choice but to on it every night because I’m still nursing and we need the door closed) as well as sweeping & mopping everyday (with a DIY natural cleaning solution, to eliminate the possibility that she’s reactive to anything in commercial cleaning solutions).

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Philips AC4014 air purifier
A thick, noticeable layer of dust on our car after just a day. Imagine how polluted the air is with particles we can’t see.

But still, she falls ill.

And this is without us being plagued by the smog from the hundreds of forest fires in Indonesia every year. When the smog was at it’s worst last year, all three of us hid in our room with aircon and essential oil diffuser on but I still felt suffocated. It was painful to hear Joy speak with a hoarse voice, I can’t imagine how we’d be affected, if we should be hit again this year. It was not easy to find one I’m happy with but we finally own one now and I’m counting on our new air purifier this year and for many more years to come to remove all the nasty stuff from our air.

Let Joy show you.

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Philips AC4014 air purifier
Joy checking out the air purifier when she got home from pre-school. It is compact, isn’t it, as compared to Joy? She went straight to the back of the equipment and put her fingers there, I was so glad she couldn’t have hurt herself because it’s very well designed.

Or maybe I show you.

When I sent the hubs, who was in Indonesia then, a photo of our new air purifier, he said “Waaaa, so pretty” but the next minute he told me to watch out for 2 things – one, whether the filter would be difficult to clean or replace and next, whether electricity consumption would be high.

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Philips AC4014 air purifier
I also say it’s pretty. Definitely better than the monster air purifier I’ve seen with similar specs.

I opened up the cover to remove the plastic wrapping on the filters (inside joke, ask Irene if you want or read her post), saw this and I really think it’s a no brainer. I know how to count, so I know how to put them back and since they are detachable, cleaning should be a breeze!

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Philips AC4014 air purifier

Whether the air purifier will consume too much electricity is also one of my concerns, because I will surely leave it running through the night. According to Philips it costs approximately $6.70 a month even if you leave the air purifier on at full speed for 24 hours a day. I haven’t received our utilities bills yet but if that is true, $6.80 is a small price to pay for air cleaning by multi-stage filtration, including a HEPA filter.

I was more interested to know if the air purifier would be very noisy, because our room is dead quiet at night and any sounds are very obvious. Joy has been trained by stayovers at my parent’s place (right beside a road, traffic noises unavoidable) but she can be quite affected by noises in the middle of the night when we’re back in our quiet bedroom. Level 1 setting is totally silent. I’ve only activated level 3 on 2 occasions so far and the noise level is acceptable.

So Oddly Dreamlike | Mom Blogger on Parenting and Living in Singapore | Philips AC4014 air purifier
Don’t know if you can spot a diaper in the reflection. One of the two times I set the air purifier to level 3, temporary measure because the poop was stinky and I was too sick, no strength to pick it up and dispose of it.

Just over the weekend both Joy and I were ill (we missed the Shape Run ☹) and the hubs had to take care of us both. While I was resting in bed, I saw him place a diaper soiled with poop after changing Joy on a mattress on the floor before hastily bringing her into the bathroom to clean up. Our air purifier’s air quality sensor turned purple (red is for bad air, purple for “fair” and blue for good air) after a while. Quite funny isn’t it! It made me happy because it means that the machine works?

Philips’ air purifier range all looks super sleek with impressive specs. If you’re interested, The model that I have is the Philips AC4014 Air Purifier that retails for $519 (compare prices before you buy, there are lots of sale going on) and is available at all leading electronic stores.

P.S. While doing research for the air purifier, I found that they have this air purifier cum humidifier) which looks to be more powerful and useful, worth checking out.

Disclosure: I was bummed to have missed an event by Philips on how indoor air can be managed holistically, because Joy happened to be hospitalised that very day but still, we received their AC4014 air purifier to help Joy with her respiratory problems. Ever so grateful.

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