Claiming our rewards


Chanced upon this when I was random kaypo-ing on FB whilst nursing Joy Joy.

All along I’ve been feeling the immense stress of taking care of a fragile human being. It is stressful but I have been rewarded as well.

What about Daddy? How has he been feeling?

The other day, I overheard him talking to Joy Joy and he said something like “Joy joy papa love you very much… I gave up everything for you..” hmmm.. Gave up everything means what?

When i was recovering from delivery, Daddy put his job aside for me because i was really not doing well. And now that I am better, he’s been putting his focus back to work because it’s audit season.

Most days he’ll come back visibly tired but his face will always light up for Joy joy. He’ll open the room door and ask to kiss Joy Joy if she’s sleeping. Or he’d burp Joy Joy / change her diaper / play with her before going back to his daily games / surfing / tv and we spend a little time together before he foes back to his stuffs and i go back to Joy Joy. Typical.

I think he has too little time with his reward.

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