Lazada Birthday Festival 2018 X Innisfree Surprise Box

Sponsored Have you ever bought a Lazada surprise box? These are boxes which costs $29 nett or $49 nett filled with products of much higher value, from different categories, such as beauty, fashion, home, sports, electronics and more. Ever since my first Lazada surprise box last year, I became pretty hooked on the surprise element of these […]

The strategic death of my fat cells by freezing | CoolSculpting at Halley Medical Aesthetics

In September, I went through a round of fat freezing at Halley Medical Aesthetics and I’ve gone away with a lot to share about the process, including details like what clothing you could pick for the treatment and more importantly how it feels during and after the treatment. But first, lets recap. What is CoolSculpting?  […]

Regaining my body contours | Cool Sculpting consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics

As someone who has been thin and close to being underweight for most of my life, weight gains and shape change were the last of my worries. Even pregnancy did not change that. In fact, I weighed less after pregnancy and looked thinner than before. Until aging and lifestyle changes caught up with me. A slower […]

CleanFix4U Air Conditioner Cleaning | How I improved the efficiency of our aircon and got rid of our morning blocked noses

Sponsored Around a year after moving into our home, I noticed that I keep having to lower temperature on the air conditioner to get the same or less coolness, plus both myself and Joy wake in the morning with stuffed noses when we didn’t use to. That was when I knew it was time to service […]