Browtisan by Coco | Eyebrow embroidery touch up experience

6-7 weeks after having my eyebrow embroidery done, I scheduled my first complimentary touch up. A touch up this quick after initial eyebrow embroidery is necessary because everyone’s skin takes to the colour dye at different rates and everyone’s embroidered eyebrows shrinks differently after the initial embroidery settles. The initial eyebrow embroidery acts as a gauge and the first touch up allows Coco to make necessary adjustment to the colour, or shape of the eyebrow embroidery for optimum results. There will be a complimentary second touch up about 6 months after the first touch up for final adjustment as well – I think this is indicative of their dedication to the perfect pair of brows.

Taken the morning on the day I scheduled my first touch up. Brows are lighter than I like but I wasn’t panicking because Coco had already prepped me for this.

When I arrived, Coco gave me a warm smile. She then took a good look at my brows, set me down in front of a mirror and took time to explain the irregularity I observed in my embroidered brows. I was asked to look into the mirror and relax my brows on purpose and then I was asked to look into the mirror as I would normally. We agree that the reason was due to my subconscious habit to raise one brow but as the difference is noticeable, she proceeded to make slight adjustments to balance them out a little more. After we were in agreement on the eyebrow shape and balance, Coco proceeded to work on another round of embroidery for me. The touch up process is very similar to the initial embroidery but faster.

Right after touch up. The brows looking like sisters now!

The same recovery process applies, no water contact for 7 days, apply serum 5 times a day. My brows peeled so little it was barely noticeable. The end results imitate the natural behavior of hair so closely, you may not realise that they are embroidered brows. Coco has uploaded some really cool instavids of the end results of her eyebrow embroidery services, one of them is this one, which I believe is one of Cherie’s brows (LOL).

I love the moment when light reflects off my natural brow hair and it looks like they are lush but very natural.

Close up of the freshly touched up brows on Day 1. I think this is my desired darkness, or maybe just a teeny weeny bit lighter. It’ll fade when it heals but I trust Coco to know how to get the right shade eventually.

In the course of having my touch up done, I chatted with Coco and asked her some very direct questions – one of them being whether she thought her fees were too expensive. Coco smiled and said no, she doesn’t think her fees were expensive, reason being that the aesthetic feel (美感) and natural-ness (自然度) of eyebrow embroidery done at Browtisan is not something that is easily achieved. Piqued by her claim, I went ahead to investigate on my own using the laziest method – I checked out #eyebrowembroidery on Instagram. Okay, convinced (i’m not going to post photos here, check them out to know why).

I really love the aesthetic feel of the shape which Coco has chosen for me. It is an art, I feel.

My first touch up was actually done in December last year but I waited for a month at least to write this, in order to give a more accurate account of how it went. Here’s how it looks now, very natural and effortless to look well groomed.

I was wearing only sunblock, blush and eyeliner.

If you are interested, here are Browtisan’s contact particulars. Let me know in the comments below if you do go, and/or share with me your eyebrow embroidery experience, I really want to hear them!

402, Orchard Road
#03-17 Delfi Orchard
Singapore 238876.

Mon-Fri: 11am to 8.30pm
Sat : 10am to 7pm
Sun: 10am to 6pm
PH: Closed

To book a consultation, call: 6235 2355

Facebook Page:

Disclosure: My Eye Brow Embroidery was sponsored by Browtisan and this is part of a series of posts I will be writing to share the experience, all opinions are my own. Many thanks to ATMC for linking us up!

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