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There are many different types of eyebrows you can invest in and they come with vastly different price tags. The left most ones are the cheapest (can be gotten for $200+ I heard) but I decided early on that if I were to ever do eyebrow embroidery, it must be the stroke by stroke kind because, natural!

Last photo of the natural brows. I have very sharp eyebrow peaks that look like I’m doing the (^ . ^) face perpetually if I don’t correct it, true story right! So actually, every time i draw my brows, I reshape them drastically. #nowyouknow

I arrived early and Pamela (I think she manages the clinic for Coco) put on the numbing cream on my eyebrows before Coco arrives. This cream is the one that saves me from feeling pain during the process and to make the numbing cream more effective Browtisan seals the application temporarily with 3M tapes.

I barely slept the night/morning before to finish up a blog post and so, was very high from lack of sleep. While waiting for the numbing cream to work, all I really wanted to do was rest and drink my Chai latte, the girls did not try and make use of this time to sell me anything, they just left me in peace to rest.

Coco touched down from a business trip that morning, went home to freshen up and then came to do my brows. She is soft spoken, elegant and is very easy to talk to – one of those people who puts you at ease easily. Her being easy to open up to was important to me because then I won’t feel uncomfortable saying no to suggestions.

Coco started by telling me what she observed about my natural brows ( waggles ^.^ eyebrows). She recommended thick eyebrows for me because of my facial structure and noticed things like how I have a tendency to raise my right eyebrow all the time.

Coco uses the golden ratio to design brows. She adjusted it with one stroke here and one stoke there and showed me how it a single stroke or two makes a significant difference to how I look. This is the design we settled for, i had wanted it completely straight and much shorter but she advised me immediately that I won’t look good with short brows because of the size and length of my eyes. I decided to listen to the expert!

You will notice that my eyebrows were designed when I was sitting up. This one is very important because your skin just hangs differently when you’re sitting up and when you’re lying down. It was only when I was 100% decided on the eyebrow shape that I was led to a private room to lie down for the procedure. The bed is super comfortable with a silky quilt (not blanket!) and they even provided a pillow under my knees for max comfort.

Before I went to Browtisan, I had already heard about how Coco had special magnifying glasses customized for herself and each of her staffs but I didn’t expect Coco to asked me to put hers on to experience for myself. I did and I think this should be where the “clinical” part of Browtisan lies in – the glasses are powerful, they magnify everything microscopically so that the girls at Browtisan can see each and every strand of hair on your brows and perform the embroidery to precision. I was really impressed with the glasses.

Cleanliness is a big thing as well, while I think nothing much of them using a new blade for each customer (it’s the least any decent salon should do), I was happy to learn that the premise is sterilized with infrared technology for the highest level of hygiene.

The girls at Browtisan work under white light for even more clarity.

One question is always asked by people who learnt that I had eyebrow embroidery – so, is it painful? To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m in a position to answer this because everyone’s pain threshold is different, right? For me, maybe because we spent a long time discussing my brows and I asked Coco so many questions, it wasn’t totally pain free for me – I can feel each and every stroke Coco makes to mimick real eyebrows. As in, I can feel her going over my brow area with the blade like a scratch but it doesn’t hurt like she’s cutting me up.

I could have asked for more numbing cream, but I didn’t, because lazy but even so, it wasn’t that bad after all.

Coco choose a medium shade brown dye for me (yay, I likeee) and when she applied it on me, she joked that it’s like rubbing salt to a fresh wound and I cringed in fear, but when she actually did, there was no feeling. #anticlimax #notthatimind

Remember that our brow skin hangs differently when seated and when we’re lying down? Coco knows that very well – she makes sure that adjustments are made when I’m seated up before she starts the dying process.

Here’s the 蜡笔小新 (Crayon Shin-chan) photo of myself I insisted on taking! I very generously sent it to the bandmates for use as a meme when the occasion arises, they only save memorable photos for meme and all agreed that this is one of those! I have many of these actually, ample time to take them because the dye is left on the brows for about 10 mins!

And we’re done! Super upclose photo of my new brows here, I love love love the details and how Coco managed to make each stroke look so much like a strand of brow hair.

I left Browtisan super happy but, even though this is a sponsored eyebrow embroidery experience, I’m going to share the 3 scares I had.

Scare No. 1: My brows started thickening and darkening – substantially!!!

This one was day 2 I think. As much as I really believed in Coco’s skills, its a little hard to feel calm when you look perpetually like Crayon Shin-chan! During this period (actually, only 3 days but I’m so drama, LOLOL) , my friends and family were all worried for me to the extent that they put up with daily selfies of my brows LOLOL.

Irene helped me check with Coco and Coco explained that the darkening / thickening is because of oxidation but my eyebrows will fade off nicely and shrink by about 50% within a week. Coco explained that it’s a process and asked me not to worry. I still felt unsure but Coco’s advice helped – by the next day I was waggling my Crayon Shin-chan eyebrows at the hubs and making jokes out of it. I even contemplated making a video of the eyebrow waggling but never got down to it #wasted.

Scare No. 2: My brows look like cousins!!!

Other than the thickness / darkening scare, I realised that my brows might just be a little uneven. Notice: This one is the aggravated version because I had used the 3M tapes given by Browtisan to protect them from water (required for the 1st 7 days) and could easily have pulled them brows up.

See the difference? I know that eyebrows should be sisters and not twins, but mine looked like they’re cousins instead!

I went back about a week later to Browtisan for my eyelash extensions and checked with Coco about this. Coco traced the root of the problem and told me how it happened. Basically, my right (left in the picture below) brow bone is quite a bit higher than my left eyebrow, plus I had the tendency to constantly tense up my right eyebrow. She confirms that adjustments are needed but I need to wait for the 1st touch up (there will be 2 touch ups to make sure I’m totally, super happy with my brows) session to do it, so that my brows have time to settle into a more stable shape. To ease my fears, Coco added a few strokes using an eyebrow pencil and showed me how my brows can be balanced out – the power of experience!

This is why touch up sessions are absolutely necessary. I love how this was handled when I brought it up to Browtisan – we didn’t talk about whose responsibility it was but about solutions. I don’t blame Coco and she didn’t act like she was trying to shrink any responsibility, she was very professional and obviously very very good at what she does to be able to solve this easily.

Scare No. 3: Dual tone brows!!!

Actually, this one is not really a scare but a self inflicted problem. The thing is, I like very brown brows and because I can’t adjust my brows by embroidery until the touch up session weeks later, I started to fill in my brows with my favourite eyebrow tools and TADAH – dual coloured brows. Side note: I think this might be what my friend Florinda was talking about in the Facebook comments on one of my pictures, when she warned me against eyebrow embroidery (read this post).

Of course, I asked Coco about it.

Coco said that even if I love brown brows the choice of eyebrow dye must be very close to my own brow hair colour, so that it is as natural as possible. The reason why some people find that they have dual colour brows after embroidery is because the wrong dye colour was chosen and when their natural brows grow out to be darker than the embroidery, this situation happens. Mine is the opposite, my dye colour is correct but I fill in only parts of the eyebrow (because the rest of the eyebrows are just SWEE!) with my favourite brow eyebrow tools. #makeupfail

So, self-inflected. And the solution, if I really really really want brown brows is to fill in the entire brow with the same colour. #logicalright #feelsostupid

Yeap! Those are my honest experiences with brow embroidery. At first my thoughts were “WHY AM I SO SUAY!” because Irene, Cherie and Mabel‘s brows are super nice (read their posts because they covered many different information about eyebrow embroidery as well) but after the initial settling period, I realised that my brows became very nice themselves, woo hoo!!

You know how people always seem to purposely take a super ugly “before” photo to accentuate the “after” for effect? Let me do the reverse! I took this photo about an hour after settling Joy to sleep, I also fell asleep and hence this is possibly one of the most unglam photo you can find of me on this site and the eyebrows still looks good!!!

Here are more photos of the brows I didn’t take on purpose for this review. I love the one of me wearing spectacles because it made me realise that eyebrow embroidery changed how I looked in spectacles! I’m quite drama, I admit but this is life changing in a way, no?

Good morning! We’re celebrating Joy’s birthday in preschool today! #joyis3! #smiletoohard

A photo posted by So Oddly Dreamlike (@sooddlydreamlike) on

With the help of eyebrow embroidery and mei tu xiu xiu (love the filters!) this is how I can look when I’m super duper ill.

There are plenty of other photos on my instagram, which I didn’t take specifically for this post, so feel free to look through them and share my happiness of having super nice eyebrows now, haha.

I contemplated between calling Browtisan a clinic and calling Browtisan a salon but in the end, a beauty clinic seems to be more apt, given their expertise, precision and professionalism. You agree?

Both men and women can benefit from the services available at Browtisan, including eyebrow shaping and design, eyeliner definition, lips embroidery, eyelash enhancement, eyelash perming and facial treatments. Call them up for a consultation and see if you like their work, should you decide to go ahead, quote “SOODDLYDREAMLIKE” and get 10% off the usual price, valid till 31 December 2014.

Prices are as follows:

Eyebrow Embroidery: From $1380 Onwards
Eyelash Extension: From $98 Onwards

Browtisan is located at:
402, Orchard Road, #03-17 Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876.

Mon-Fri: 11am to 8.30pm
Sat : 10am to 7pm
Sun: 10am to 6pm
PH: Closed

To book a consultation, call: 6235 2355

Facebook Page:

Disclosure: My Eye Brow Embroidery was sponsored by Browtisan all thanks to ATMC for linking us up. Regardless, I have been very, very honest in this post, im sure you can tell!

I’m publishing my eyelash extension experience with Browtisan very soon after, so check back for it!

You can also find me here:



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