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I am anaemic and I have a habit of packing some snacks to eat on the go. I find that a combination of snacks + meals gives me a more stable energy level rather than obvious spikes and drops throughout the day. It also helps with my emotional wellness as well, because I turn into a grouch when I’m hungry and/or sleepy.

You know how easy it is to find something to eat when you’re out and about, so I needed to be selective about my snacks. Usually, I pack healthier snacks like mixed nuts with raisins when I’m out and I also tried BoxGreen, a healthy snack subscription service, because they contacted me at a time when I was needing the convenience of ready to eat healthy snacks.

I didn’t like it that I couldn’t be sure if my order had been submitted (you just add snacks into a list and that’s it, no submit button!) but I was really tickled by their product names. They have names that sound like sinful desserts and also names that sound like story books!

This row has some of my favourites, but I resisted ordering all but one to try out other snacks which I thought was interesting.

When the box of snacks arrived in my mailbox (yes, it can fit inside!), I realised that for every BoxGreen sold a meal equivalent will be donated to Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen for the less privileged in Singapore. That makes the price of the subscription ($19.90 for 12 single serve snacks) worth it for me.

See bottom right!


According to BoxGreen, all of their snacks are natural ingredients that have been portion controlled and approved by a nutritionist. Here’s my box of healthy snacks. 12 individually packed single serve portions, ready to be eaten.

It’s healthy enough for Joy to try, she has tried every one of the four snacks I picked in the subscription. I think it’s good for packing in our bags for outings, so I need to know which ones she can accept, as well.

Snack #1 Cheng Tng (No Ice)

Basically Cheng Tng ingredients. Joy loved the crispy lotus seeds and rejected everything else. Yay, because all the dried longans are mine!

Snack #2 Pink Okinawa

These are dried Edamame and Pineapples. I picked it because it’s kinda special and because Joy loves Edamame when we go for Japanese food. Turns out, she wasn’t too keen on this pack but I think it’s like the green beans you get in kacang puteh, with chewy dried pineapple bits.

Snack #3 Sunshine Chips

Dehydrated vegetables. I get to eat this only during Chinese New Year and I can eat it by the tub. Super delicious, especially the carrot chip but the sweet potato chip is a tad hard.

Snack #4 Figgy Nut Jumble

Has almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts and raisins plus 1 fig in each pack. I love the fig the most and would most definitely order the one with all figs (“Fanciful Figs”) next time, because I can easily get the rest of the nuts in this pack. p.s. I found 2 figs in one of my packets, what luck!

Thats all really. Even I feel sad that that is all. I wish they would allow first time subscribers to try different flavours for all 12 packs, just so we know what to order the next time round but, if it’s any comfort, I have a discount code for 30% off the first box for new subscribers to BoxGreen. If you’re keen to try use code “estella30“. This code does not expire, so you can use it anytime you decide to make that first purchase from BoxGreen.

Disclosure: It doesn’t happen often so I have to say this – I am literally writing for peanuts! No other compensation was received. This review was written only because I enjoyed it.

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