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Sometimes, I record myself when I’m learning a new song. It helps me visualise how i’ll sound, whether the feel is right and where I can work on.  My phone is perpetually running out of storage space, I was going through the recordings in my phone to clear practise recordings and this one really got me smiling.

Joy loves to sing but sometimes she tells me she can’t, because she doesn’t know the song well enough. I told her, she could make up the words if she wanted, and just sing along. It’s not meant to be any kind of vocal training, but rather some encouragement from me to keep her singing and us having a bit of fun during bedtime singing together.  We had to sing very softly so that we won’t wake up the others but we went ahead anyway to do a series of recordings together, just using my phone.

And here’s one of the recordings:

I remember us smiling at each other in the dark, Joy moving her head to the song and her trying to sing along while leaning on my side. And after the recording was done, she asked to listen to it again and again. I love the cheeky little smile in the middle.

A piece of precious memory I have to record.

Will you remember it when you’re all grown up?


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  1. So so so sweet! I LOVE the recording! :)

    1. Thank you! I love it to the moon and back! haha

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