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All of me belongs to Joy during bedtime. Our bedtime routine has changed over the years and it is certainly a lot more interactive now. Ever since I banned the iPad that is. Now, she asks for stories. We go through a minimum of 3 books if I’m feeling tired and when I’m not, it can be a stack of 15 (#truestory).



Sometimes, she suddenly feels hungry and asks for food. That’s alright, if she will brush her teeth again after that. We eat, clean up, brush our teeth and go to bed again.

Everything she eats seems like super delicious. #joyotd #很爱演 #dramaqueen

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At almost four years old, she still latches and, because she nurses to sleep every night, I get to hug her and keep her attention while I ask about her day.

What made you happy today? 

Who came to school today?

At which point did you start to miss me today? (#confidence)

Sometimes, she asks me to guess how she felt when a particular thing happened in school and then she would ask me “you know why I feel like that?” If she doesn’t know why herself, she’ll look at me like I have the answer. When she keeps quiet, I’ll ask her “why are you so quiet now?” and she normally tells me that she’s thinking.   


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I never fail to prompt her to ask about my day.

Do you know what happened after I parted with you at school today?

She doesn’t expect dramatic answers. She just wants to know. I tell her how I felt about things that happened, and what made me happy in the day.

I feel very connected with her. In her own words “you and I are best friends“.  I know who she enjoys hanging out with. Who played with her today. Who pushed her. Who was absent. What she ate today during lunch. What she ate today after she woke up from her nap. Why she choose to wear what she wore today and all kinds of random tidbits she decides I need to know.

This is the life. Or the little, precious bits that makes up mine.

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