Be thirsty my little one

My love for reading is quite drastically different from Daddy’s.

To put it pictorially, my book shelves would house books like these:

The above plus a ton of baby care / childcare books, craft and cookbooks, make up / hairstyling books, Reader’s Digest and maybe also alot of fashion magazines left there to rot.

And Daddy’s bookshelves would house books like these:

The above plus a ton of Time magazines and Pioneer magazine (in case anyone wonders, those are magazines the army send to the boys which, I hope, Daddy didn’t pay for) which Daddy collects for storage purposes only.

A meaningful excerpt for me would be:

People are realizing more and more that happiness is freedom, and freedom is to be able to “travel light”, not possessing a lot of things, because at the end of the day, the things start to possess you.

I remember that I considered to buy a castle here in France: I went to see some.

One day I realized that if I buy a castle, I cannot think about anything but taking care of it. Therefore, I bought a small watermill, so to keep it is very easy, and I have time to go to the mountains, to walk, do spend my life in the way that I would like. In short: the less you have to keep, the more you have in freedom.

– Paulo Coelho here

And for Daddy, a meaningful excerpt would be:



Whatever it is, nothing is better than the other and our intention is to cultivate the love of reading and learning for Joy Joy.

I want to make it fun!

For now, I’m looking for simple cardboard books or “soft toy” books that can capture Joy Joy’s attention and she’ll get to touch them to stimulate her senses. Particularly like those puppet books but really, surprisingly, i don’t see alot of those around and I’m continuing my search online. Hopefully I’ll find them soon.

When the little girl grows up a little more, I’m going to make library trips fun! We’ll have a theme each time we learn about different things that exists in this world. Like astronomy, presidents of the world etc. I won’t want her to memorize them but I hope to tap on to her curious nature to expose her to these things and make her thirst for learning.

Hopefully, she’ll enjoy the journey we’ve planned for her and later on it life, let it take on a life of its own, whatever her reading / learning preferences may be.

We’ll love to watch by the side and encourage her along the way. :)

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  1. My bookshelves would look similar to yours! IF only my Paulo Coelho books will be returned by forgotten names of friends who borrowed them… But oh well, I’m glad I’m able to share with them my love of Coelho.

    My favorite excerpt is from The Alchemist: “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

    It’s my beau (who’s French) and my dream to buy a castle. But we also realized it’s gonna require too much time and resources for the upkeep so I guess keeping it as a beautiful dream is better.

    I love your tip on making themes every time you visit the library with your Joy Joy. I love the national library you have there in Singapore — my beau and I believes that Singapore is very child-friendly hence we’re dreaming/planning to raise a family there. Going back to the library, I think I’ll visit it again once I go back there in SG this Nov. Would be nice to take a break from my busy life here in Manila, read a book under the roof of that immense storage of knowledge, while sipping a tea al fresco ( I also like that idea of that restaurant on the ground floor of the library).

    I guess this will be my last comment for now, I hope you didn’t feel like I’m “spamming” your blog with comments. I just really love reading your posts ;-)

    1. sooddlydreamlike says: Reply

      Dear Maria,

      You really made my day today, thanks a lot for reading and for relating to what I wrote with your own interests and dreams.

      That excerpt from The Alchemist motivated me on many, many occasions and I made many life changing decisions based simply on my belief in that excerpt.

      Singapore is child-friendly in a sense but expensive and I’m not a fan of the education system. It’s a safe(er) country though and that’s important for raising a child.

      Come November, it’ll be slightly cooler in SG and perfect for reading a book whilst sipping tea al fresco! If you visit the library go to the central library at bugis! They’ve turned it into a magical place!

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