Baking class at Munch Ministry: Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes

As the second activity held in celebration of the Singapore Mom Blogger‘s first birthday, there was an opportunity for mom bloggers in the community to attend a baking class led by Pauline (Mamabliss) and Louisa from Munch Ministry to learn how to make Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes. I just had to signed up for it because I’m such a huge fan of the Hokkaido Chiffon Cake ever since I first tasted it in Malacca.

Pauline (Mamabliss) and Louisa from Munch Ministry

The class was held in the newly renovated kitchen at the Civil Service Club – Tessensohn Clubhouse. It was a pleasure working in the spacious and well-equipped kitchen (Kitchen Aid!), I liked the station I was working at in particular because it was near the glass wall where the morning sunlight seeped through just enough to make me feel good. Something about mornings + sunlight + baking appeals to me.

Front: Mabel (Amazingly Still), Rachel (Catch 40 Winks)
Back: Liza (Mother of Xander), PC (Simply Us)

The lesson, demonstrated by Pauline, was very easy to follow. The step by step guidance gave me a good idea of not only each step should be done but also how the mixture should look like at each step. I liked that I had I have a sense of what my bake should be like before starting work. The pace of the teaching was good, I was able to take notes along the way to remind myself of the things to watch out for.

Photo Credit: Cherie

After the demonstration, we went off in pairs to put what we had just learnt into practice, like home economics class in school. I find it useful to because this reinforces your memory of how it is to be done and in the course of the hands-on session, you get to check your understanding as well. I paired up with the chirpy Cherie, whom I have known since many years ago. We have not seen each other for years so it was good to see and work with her again!

Measuring carefully, ladling the cake mix into paper cups, putting the cakes into the oven together
Photo Credits: Munch Ministry, Cherie
We had fun taking lotsa photos and chatting away while working
Photo Credits: Cherie, Munch Ministry , Mabel (Amazingly Still)

For the bake, Cherie worked on the all important meringue (good job!) whilst I had a good arm work out handling the egg yolk mixture.

Photo Credits: Munch Ministry, Rachel (Catch 40 Winks)

It was very satisfying to see our cakes baking in the oven, looking pretty!

After that we let it cool down before pipping in the cream and had a lot of fun decorating it.

Photo Credit: Last two photos taken by Cherie

And this, is the fruit of our work! It was soft, fluffy and very light..LOVE!

Apart from the baking, it feels good to meet even more of the mummies from SMB in person.

Myself, Mabel (Amazingly Still), Rachel (Catch 40 Winks), Cherie
Photo Credit: Cherie

And this is all of us who attended the bake date that day :)

Front L to R: Mabel (Amazingly Still), Ai (Sakura Haruka), Cherie, Myself, Louisa (Munch Ministry), Pauline (Mamabliss), Nicole (Daughter of Jiahui), Rachel (Catch 40 Winks)
Back L to R:
Delphine (Life in the Wee Hours), PC (Simply Us), Jennifer (Dino Family), Liza (Mother of Xander), (Connie), Adeline (The Accidental Mom Blogger), Klessis (The J Babies), Jiahui (Mum’s the Word), Regina (Mummy Moo)

Ending with this photo of Mabel (Amazingly Still) stacking up items for a makeshift tripod. “Mabel always do this at home!” said she. LOL.

One of the things I want to do more off after I retire from the nine to five is to put more effort into making foods for the family. As a child lucky enough to grow up eating home cooked food everyday, I know the comfort that home made food brings to the family. This is a good start made possible in celebration of Singapore Mom Blogger‘s first birthday, there’ll be more to come!


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  1. haha! omg! the last photo and the sentence that led to it. LOL!!! so fun la! we should have more classes – bake, cook.. and i might just become a full-fledge domestic goddess! (right now, i can’t cook for nuts, unless it’s ang moh food? :P)

  2. Can tell, you are a good student:).nnLook forward to see more domestic goddess from this blog;). Homecook does wonders to the little ones.n

  3. opss, that’s me, pc;).n

  4. I forgot to tell you that you can download your images at my flickr account. i took loads of you but not necessary featured on my blog. n

  5. So Oddly Dreamlike says: Reply

    LOL I would also love to go for more classes lo! hahaha I only make certain type of food too.nnThat last sentence damn funny!!

  6. So Oddly Dreamlike says: Reply

    Thanks PC! hehehe If i keep on trying, one day should have some home cooked dishes that is unforgettable la hor?

  7. So Oddly Dreamlike says: Reply

    Thank you!! I’ll go check it out! :)

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