Back to work

huh so fast?

I’m going back to work tomorrow. The arrangement (for now) is half-days for 2 weeks before resuming full days. My company has the most fantastic HR.

The two weeks half day is for all of us to adjust..

Joy Joy:To slowly get used to me not being around for some time each day but to let her learn that I’ll be back each time.

Grandma: To slowly allow her to realize that she’s losing her freedom close to absolutely but gaining the affections of a uber cute baby. And to try and work out a way to manage Joy Joy for half days first.

Me:To make it less sad for me to slowly see lesser and lesser of my baby (read: manage withdrawal symptoms). And to get used to going back to work half days at a time before i move to full days. Afterall, I haven’t worked in about 5 months.

I went back home to get my work clothes today. I can fit and finally do not look so much like a zombie in them. Happy news.

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