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Do you ask what your children want out of the classes they attend? I had different conversations with Joy to understand what Joy wants out of her art classes. She said that she wants to find out what happens when she tries different things, and then, she would like to talk about it. “Thats all.” she says.

I think those are good things to ask for and based on that, I know what to look for in terms of an art teacher. Her teacher must guide and instruct but not impose, know the differences between three and apply them skilfully.  That should give Joy a good balance between learning and freedom.

Joy’s teachers at ArtFlock Studio are Teacher Kim and Teacher Rachel and we have 6 precious lessons to indulge in. I have never thought to ask Teacher Kim what will be taught at each lesson. Joy has never asked either. Each week, Joy turns up at the studio with anticipation and then shares her new found knowledge with me.

It pleases me that Joy naturally verbalises her train of thought to the teachers, decides on the colors with a logic of her own and messes up, then try to solve the problem, or she decides that is not really a mess. Once, Joy was drawing me. She tells us that she first drew a big red heart in the centre , then add in my dress, my head, my hair as well as other details with different colors. I really thought it was almost the completed piece of art.

Then she started to add so many different colors that they merge together and hid the colors underneath. She seem to know, and like, what she was doing and we let her be. Nobody limits what she should considered aesthetically beautiful here and that is exactly what I want for Joy.

Sometimes I forget the studio is nestled among the good food, coffee and dessert places. The studio is always quiet when we are there., because Joy happens to be the only student going for that timeslot. It is a privilege that affords Joy the space to focus on what she’s working on.

I haven’t visited ArtFlock Studio in the day but, from instagram, I spy the gorgeous natural light they receive each day. It makes me want to play with all their art materials by the window, all day long. Maybe, I will join one of ArtFlock Studio’s open space sessions. $28 for a free and easy art session where you’ll be provided with a canvas and a wide range of tools, mixed media and supplies to enjoy for 2 whole hours is really quite a good deal. If this existed before, I would have liked the idea for my hen’s night.

I asked what materials will be included for use during an open space session and saw a number of art materials I didn’t expect to see. Like forks, knifes, chopsticks, scrapers, rollers, palette knifes and chiselling tools. They are tools for creating textures with mixed media and it got me excited and thinking hard about all the different things we could do. 

From time to time, there are also interesting workshops at ArtFlock Studio conducted by artists they trust. I saw a rubber-stamp making workshop, and a pointed pen caligraphy workshop. I hope that there will be more to come – I want to go to one of those colorful caligraphy writing workshop or learn something else I’ve never thought I could do. The fun in art is trying out different things, isn’t it!

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We’re down to 3 precious lessons with Teacher Kim now and taking a break this week because the studio is booked for a private event (actually, I imagine it would be quite romantic to hold a solemnisation there and indulge the guests with an art session after) but we’re looking forward to joining their upcoming holiday workshop. Maybe that’s when I finally get to see the studio in the day. Details soon, can’t wait!

ArtFlock Studio
Location: 1A Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633
Telephone: +65 64514514

Art Classes & Workshops:

Open Space Sessions:

40 x 40 stretched canvas
Free flow of art materials

2 hours $28
Each add. hour + $10
10% discount for students

Monday, Tuesday & Sunday   : 2.30pm – 9.30pm
Friday & Saturday             : 4pm – 11pm

Studio Operating Hours:

Monday – Thursday 10am – 9.30pm
Friday              10am – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday   9am – 11pm

Disclosure: Joy enjoys 6 lessons for the purposes of this review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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