And the fun begins!

Daddy got us all a new toy the last time he went out of the country…

The New iPad
Daddy said it like it is a revered phase….
And he reminded me not to make a fool out of myself by calling it the iPad 3. (-_-)

I use it now to learn baby sign language along with Joy Joy baby sign language for a start, mainly in hope that Joy Joy can start expressing herself through signs even before she is able to speak. Hopefully it takes away some of her frustrations.

And on the very first day we started using our “lessons”, she ( Yes… Joy Joy ) bought a upgrade pack that costs 0.99 USD. So happened, I had downloaded an app just before using the baby sign language app with Joy Joy. It’s fine actually… More signs we can learn together but definitely comical to have Daddy rushing into the room in the middle of the night to tell me “Mummy! I think Joy Joy bought something.. It’s downloading now..what do we do?!” I think it was about 3am in the morning on Saturday and why is Daddy not asleep?….

Ok, I digressed. I think using the iPad as a learning tool is a great idea to tap on the little girl’s curiosity. If I were to keep on getting books to satisfy her curiosity, we’d be pretty broke one day I think because I want to cultivate Joy Joy’s love for books. I also like that we have less clutter than if we buy actual books.
Heres Daddy bonding with the little girl over an iPad

Notwithstanding… I would still encourage her to own actual copies of books which she loves. Nothing like the feeling of flipping the pages of treasured books. So we’re still getting a bookshelf in our new home.

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