Almost one

This was Daddy, stumbling over big words in the declaration we had to take at the Registry of Marriages.. Exactly a year ago.

And this was us.. Signing on the dotted line:

The days are long, the years are short. During the firs few months, we’d ask each other..”how long has it been since we’ve been married?” and then now, all of a sudden, it’s been almost a year. And what a year we’ve had.

Since its monumental and all, I was looking forward to it. And Daddy the absentee told me “Don’t worry Mummy, I already told them.. If I cannot take one day leave, I will take half a day.. If I cannot take half a day leave, I will leave on the dot.”

But last Thursday, I received news that he’s gotta extend his business trip, back 2 days after our first ever anniversary. Hell knows no fury like that of an (extremely) disappointed woman.

I know, that Daddy would understand if I were the one who had to be away. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t upset. And I was quite upset.. For some time. But Daddy and I sorted it out and we came to an agreement.

We’ll try our hardest to be together for all important occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries and events important to our family members. No matter how much we are apart the rest of the time, we make it a point and make this effort to let our family members know that they are important to us.

But if we really.. really can’t help it, we can’t help it. It makes us all even more miserable to be mad at each other. So we might as well let it go and happily celebrate it afterwards. At least it’s a happy ending.

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