Air+ Smart Mask | How we picked our masks for protection against the haze

I distinctively remember how painful it was the last time we experienced the haze. We didn’t get pollution as bad as we did in 2014, but the haze was around for a prolonged period of time. My tolerance level towards the haze dipped to an all time low. I feel frustrated that we have to struggle to breathe, and I feel pained little children have it the worst, especially the infants, because there aren’t masks designed for very young ones or rather, it might hurt them more.

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We couldn’t stay home indefinitely. Besides, staying home meant we were confined to just one room, because we only have one air purifier and my in laws believe in airing the place. Each day, I would clean our air purifier and find this much dust collected. Quite scary to recall.

There were a number of face masks that could filter out undesirable particles in the air, but I was looking for something deeper and not rounded, because our noses are not flat.

Plus something that is more plush at the seams, and soft. I used to feel sick at the thought of having to depending on structured masks that cut into my skin after repeated use. That won’t do.

Lastly, I need a mask that is adjustable. As adjustable as possible, because me and Joy have small faces, while the hubs has a chubby one.

Air+ Smart Mask was also the only one in the market that could fit my requirement.

It is recommended that children under 7 should not wear such masks, especially not infants. It could cause respiratory difficulties or more serious conditions because their lungs are not entirely developed yet, but what choice would you make, if your child was old enough to tell you when she feels uncomfortable and the air pollution was so bad you couldn’t breathe?

This is how you check which one is your size!

During the last haze period, Joy was 4 years old and I chose to give her an Air+ Smart Mask. She has a tiny face, even for a child and the mask is not an exact fit, but because it had adjustable straps, I could tweak it to fit her better. That was the best we could do at that time.

I later discovered that alot of effort went into engineering the fit of these masks. The mass tailored shape and sizes of Air+ Smart Masks were developed after collecting data from advanced 3D scanning of Asian facial profiles and computing with complex algorithms.

I find it very suffocating to wear a mask. Most times, I wish I could pull it off my face and just breathe! Being able to have a micro ventilator totally sealed my loyalty to Air+ Smart Mask. The Air+ Micro Ventilator extracts heat, moisture and CO2 rapidly and makes it less torturous for me to wear a mask. The additional device seemed expensive initially, but since it is rechargeable and good for usage over 1000 hours, it’s a good investment in my opinion.

I really hope we won’t be struck with another episode of intense air pollution again, but I followed the news closely when I detected a burning smell in the air in March. This leaves me with not much hope. Better to be prepared than sorry.

“We are still experiencing the effects of a monster El Nino that started last year. In the region, El Nino enhances dryness, and therefore fires.

“Because of the magnitude of El Nino this year, we must be prepared for a new period of intense haze similar to last year’s, once the winds start blowing from the south and south-west, bringing plumes from Sumatra and Kalimantan.” – Dr Erik Velasco, a research scientist from the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology.  (Source)

These are all the masks I have left from the last round of haze but I have replenished our masks, ready if the haze should return. Are you ready?

The AIR+ Smart Mask retails in Singapore at Watsons, Guardian and Unity.
It is also now available online at

Disclosure: We were invited to a sharing session by Air+ Smart Mask. No other compensation was received. All experiences and opinions are my own.

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