Personal project: Adjusting sleep to achieve quality rest and work


My body clock is pretty messed up, as compared to “normal”. I think the cause is a combination of an over-active mind, blogging at night when everyone is sleeping and simply having my body clock set in the wrong time zone. I’m tired of feeling tired. This project is, as the title suggests, to adjust my sleep and natural wake time to be more well rested, everyday.

First, some observations:

(1) 9 hours of sleep sounds good but I am fully functional with about 7 hours, operate-able with at least 6.

(2) I work (either plan meals, plan what to do the next day, blog, catch up on mail or handle family administration) best when everyone is asleep.

(3) If I let her be, Joy wakes naturally only at around 11am, sometimes later. I am actively working to adjust her natural wake time to 9am for a start (she woke naturally at 10am today, yay! because they say you need to celebrate small victories).

(4) It’ll be good to have about 2-3 hours daily to work

(5) If I had a long nap with Joy in the afternoon, and fall asleep normal-ish (say, at 12 midnight) I wake naturally at 4am with bright eyes. If I choose to work at 4am for 2-3 hours and go back to sleep at 7am or so, I wake up at 10am or so, feeling really tired.

(6) If I didn’t nap or didn’t nap for long, I tend to fall asleep normal-ish without waking at 4am. Instead, I wake naturally at around 8am or I am woken up by household sounds around that time. I don’t feel sleepy for the rest of the day if I had enough sleep the night before.

Based on observations at (1) to (6), I gathered that I need to make the following choices about my sleep:

(A) Sleep a minimum of 7 hours.

(B) Try not to nap in the afternoon or not to nap for too long.

(C) Aim to wake early in the morning to work, rather than at night.

Now for the adjustments I think I need:

Natural wake time:

I aim first to get 2hours worth of work time before Joy’s target wake time at 9am, which makes it 7am.

Sleep by time

I aim to sleep for a minimum of 7hours, sleep by time should be 12 midnight.


Tired as I sometimes am, it is unlikely that I’ll fall right to sleep the min my head hits the pillow, my buffer is an hour for a start, so my bedtime is 11pm.

This is, of course, theory and this schedule is not for stressing myself out because I am not following it to a T, but as a structure for me to adjust rest and natural wake time, so that I get sufficient rest and more done. My body may not function exactly as planned but I believe it will get used to something like this.

Today is Day 1 and I woke naturally an hour too early. Let’s try again tomorrow.


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2 Replies to “Personal project: Adjusting sleep to achieve quality rest and work”

  1. Hope it works for you and you get more sleep. I have been trying for the past 10 years with limited success as the kids still disturb my sleep at night.

    1. Hi Dom! It’s been working so far! Now my operating hours are around 6am to 11pm hehe

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