What you need to know about this blog

Many blogs do not come with a manual but I made one so that we can understand each other better. I thought I would take the time to explain what kind of posts you will find under each category on the blog, these keywords are picked for the specific purpose of helping me to focus only on what is meaningful and relevant for me to write about. I reject everything else.



This category covers things that go into making a place a home, including renovation, home decor, home organization and home care.

We just renovated and moved into our very first home in Singapore. Our home is Scandinavian and Muji inspired but space planning is a big deal to me and I’ve designed it such that each space can be used in different ways. We sourced our furnishing and fittings from a number of places and I was super hands on every step of the way.


We have a little girl named Joy. This category covers posts on our family, our relationships as well as Joy’s education, schooling, upbringing and other emotional things.

Joy decides how she will be dressed everyday. I interfere when she needs adjustments to keep warm or prevent overheating. We hold simple birthday celebrations every year. I like to photograph Joy but she sometimes suffers from photography fatigue and that’s when I don’t. Joy is learning to be independent. I haven’t forgotten that she is very young but she can and I let her do what she can. Joy is still breastfeeding at 5 years old.

My family is frequently separated because the husband travels often, but we manage. I solo parent frequently and because of that, made our home very simple.


This category will cover my movement towards a simple life.

I am in simplify mode. I organise and simplify so that I have less unimportant decisions to make each day and more energy for everything else. I make small changes and conscious effort to find out what works.


This category covers some experiments, some learning and some experience in taking better care of myself.

I’m starting to use food as skincare. Surprise, they seem to work better for me. I used to eat whatever I like but age has caught up with my metabolism rate and I have to learn to manage it with food and exercise. I make bespoke mineral make up for myself.


I am not about the latest bag, or dress or top or fad.  I have given away 3 huge boxes of clothing after I did something called the Project 333, and I have more to give. My wardrobe goal is to have nothing but a small collection clothing that are simple, flattering and flexible. That is style success to me.


This category will cover a very wide range of topics.

I encounter many different experiences and they are so random I can not set up one category for each. It can be something awesome to eat, or something new I’ve tried, or my travels, or visiting a new place, or something interesting about an event I go to.


If you are looking for a very specific topic on this blog, especially under the “Experiences” category, you can count on the tags to bring them all together in one page. Just pay attention to keywords at the bottom of each post to and click to select the topics that interests you.


You will encounter posts where I write about my experiences at a place, an event or on a product. The subject matter of these posts may (or may not) be provided to me for the purposes of writing about my experience. I may also be paid for some of these posts. I will mark such posts as “sponsored” or “advertorial” or “invite”.

Just know that I strictly reject all assignments where specific selling points are required to be published and will not do event reporting ever again. I also require an upfront acceptance of the honesty policy applicable for all such posts on this blog before I will proceed to partner anyone. You can be assured that all comments and opinions are true and honest.


I love getting emails from readers, and I really try to respond to them. If you wish to contact me for any reason, please send an email to hello@estella.sg.