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I had very good experiences from years of using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and, on and off, other products from SK-II. They left my skin supple, well hydrated and fresh. However, I stopped using SK-II for a few years later on due to the cost. What I use in replacement doesn’t give me the exact same result but I’ve been doing ok I think.

The Pitera™ x R.N.A (Radical New Age Complex) Power range was launched last year and I received the products for review. I normally like to start with outcome, then get technical with product details but this time round, I think we should get technical first, so that you can understand the claims / technology.


The SK-II Pitera™ x R.N.A Power range claims to holistically target the multi-controller of firmness to achieve lengthwise and crosswise firmness and treat 10 signs of aging, including:

  1. Loss of firmness
  2. Dryness
  3. Fine lines
  4. Wrinkles
  5. Sallowness
  6. Lack of resilience
  7. Visible pores
  8. Sagging skin
  9. Lack of radiance
  10. Roughness
  11. Loss of tight facial contours

I suffer from all of the above and these claims sound really, really impressive. Especially if you consider the timeline that SK-II has set for themselves for each specific product in this range.

The R.N.A Power Moisturiser claims to rejuvenate skin cells and promote structural protein synthesis in every cell on all layers of skin with 2 core products.

1 Day: Pores reduced
10 Days: Signs of aging improved and firmness regained is > firmness lost over 15 years.

The R.N.A. Power Beauty Essence claims to improve emerging signs of aging, particularly targeting pore visibility and skin texture.

1 Day: Bouncy resilience that reduces visibility of pores

10 Days: Poreless, bouncy skin with fresh glow

In summary, the moisturiser targets existing aging problems, the beauty essence prevents new ones.


It is known that some people are unsuitable for SK-II products but I didn’t think I would be one of them, since I had been a user of SK-II products for years before with much success. SK-II sounded really confident that the products can achieve that, especially with the timelines marketed. I was very much looking forward to the outcome.

Day 0   |  12 October 2015

This is a photo of myself with absolutely no make up before I using the R.N.A. Power products. My skin is maintained with just cleanser and a moisturiser, and that’s all. I hardly have spots but my skin can be dry and I have deep wrinkles under my eyes, large pores on and around the nose and of course, my skin that is no longer as bouncy. For some time now, I’ve accepted it as part and parcel of aging. After all, I’m 35 years old with little to no time to maintain my skin.

I used to see skin doctors at National Skin Centre for acne prone skin when I was younger and have used products like Differin (most people break out horribly in the first few weeks) without problems. Allergic reactions were not known.

Day 1  |  13 October 2015

I used the products once at night and could almost immediately feel my skin taking in the moisturiser. I felt nothing about the beauty essence, possibly because I applied it on top of the moisturiser but this photo was taken early in the morning, after I gave my skin some time to de-swell in the morning. It looks almost the same to me except maybe my skin looks a little more hydrated than usual which translates to slightly less noticeable pores. However, remember that the SK-II claim was for a day of usage, I had only used it once.

Day 2 | 14 October 2015

Since I use the two products together, in the way recommended by SK-II, I truly cannot tell which product did what for me. However the initial results of using both products together were very impressive by Day 2. You may or may not be able to tell but my skin was considerably more plump, and glowy. I wouldn’t hesitate to go out with just sunblock and some undereye concealer.

Day 10 | 22 October 2015 
The first week of using SKII was fantastic. My face became plumper and I needed a much lesser amount of make up. However, from Day 10 of onwards, I started getting tiny reddish bumps all over my face. I used nothing except for SKII during the trial period and for make up, I have been using my own mineral make up from ESOD for some time now without problems.
Day 13  | 25 October 2015
Tiny reddish bumps became bigger bumps and started to itch and sting. I apply skin care on my neck as well and I suffered from itch there as well. I decided it was time I stayed off the skincare and go back to my old skincare routine, none of which are products of SK-II.

Day 2, Regular Skincare  |  27 October 2015
With 2 days of my regular skincare, wearing only mineral make up on one of the days. Although I still had a number of bumps, skin is significantly calmer.

Day 3, Regular Skincare | 28 October 2015

Taken right after I woke to send to the OMY representative I work with for this review. Face is a little swollen from being barely awake but you can tell that the hydration level and skin clarity are back. No itch and stinging feeling anymore.


SK-II requested that I visit a Dermatologist but was not easy to secure an appointment with doctors I trust with such short notice. I managed to secure an appointment with a senior doctor from the National Skin Centre on 9 November 2015, but I had fully recovered by then and the doctor had nothing much to say.


It is a well known fact that some people need time to adjust to certain skincare and, you need to go through a purging period when using certain skincare. However, I have no courage to continue using the SK-II R.N.A Power range of products since my skin itch and sting besides having bumps, which seems to suggest that it is more than just a purging period.

It is understandable that each product may not be suitable for all types of skin. Speaking as someone who has been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to SK-II products, I can only say I’d still go back to the Facial Treatment Essence in a heartbeat but the new R.N.A power range is unfortunately not for me.

Nevertheless, here are pricing details for the R.N.A Power products I tested, for your information:

R.N.A Power Moisturiser

50g SGD149
80g SGD219
100g SGD234

R.N.A Power Essence
30ml SGD156
50ml SGD224
75ml SGD308

Disclosure: I was provided with a 50g jar of the R.N.A Power Moisturiser and a 30ml bottle of the R.N.A Power Essence by OMY on behalf of SK-II for the purposes of this review and my visit to the Dermatologist will be reimbursed by SK-II. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own. Through OMY, SK-II requested that I go ahead with this review, and I think it speaks volumes.

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5 Replies to “Skincare Review | R.N.A. power by SK-II”

  1. Thank god I found your article because I was debating if the reaction I have is purging or allergic reaction. I am having the same issue like you. The first 2 weeks of using the whole line of SKII actually made my skin looked better than it was. However, it started went downhill after that! My skin are getting red, red bumps and white heads are everywhere. This never happened to my skin before. It has been a week since I started having these reactions. Now after reading your article, I finally understand what happened. Thank you

  2. Hi, im also experiencing the red itchy bump on face because of sk ii pls can you tell me what products are u using right now i want to get rid of the redness and itchiness hoping for your response thanks and godbless!

    1. Hello! I used Off With Those Heads by B.Liv together with the Cetaphil gentle wash and that’s all. Off with those heads was available at Sasa and online on B.Liv’s website but they seem to have discontinued it. However, the product is produced by Cellnique and they have another product called Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel which is said to be a more potent version of Off with Those Heads.

      Having said that, please remember that when your skin is aggravated you might not want to try new products. I don’t try new products as a thumb of rule to minimise the risk of even worst skin. Also, different products work for different people, so try to stick to what works for you IMO, until you recover to a certain extent. Consult a doctor when in doubt! Good Luck! <3

  3. Hi estella… I just try the skII starter pack. And had the same story as you. I used range of toner-fte-rna cream. First week looks great then came acne and itchiness. I stop rna and toner. But still continue with fte. It gets better. Than 2 weeks later, i try to use rna cream again. The acne, red and itchiness start to come out again. So now I know its the rna that cause allergic to me. I still go on with fte and toner though and it looks great.

    1. Yea, I too can use FTE. Oh wells, can’t be helped.

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